Add to the Romance this Valentine's Day with Silk Comforters

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February is here! And so is the season of romance. Valentine’s day fever is soaking everyone either hopelessly in love or yet single and seeking. So, what is your idea of making this 14th of February a cherished memory? That goes for the singles too.

Are you not busy planning a long list of must-buys either for yourself or for your loved ones? Here is one suggestion - this time, do something totally different. Now you do not need to go overboard with romance and flirtation but you can just spill a little dash of seductiveness. Have you been wearing a lot of whites and blacks just to play safe? Chuck that attitude. Play with some colors. Thinking about a nice gift for your valentine? Perfumes and roses are a passé. To avoid the cliché opt for some trendy gifts like silk comforters, bed sheets or pillows.

The Charm of Silk

Soft and sensuous, silk stands for romance. In red, the radiance of silk multiplies manifold. If you prefer sheen over boldness, opt for silk bedding in pink or purple. Red, pink and purple are royal hues that signify passion. Well, roses and chocolates are customary; therefore, in case you wish to keep the tradition alive, you can gift these along with the silk bedding to add more spark.

Just like love, silk threads are strong yet soft. Therefore, the idea of a perfect bond is threaded in the fiber. To gift silk means to gift eternal charm. And, what is love if not an overpowering dose of charm.

The Benefits of Silk

Don’t you believe that anything that doesn’t make you a better person is only superficial? Think of it this way, if love drags you down rather than

supporting you, it’s probably toxic. Your gift should be likewise! Silk comforter sets make the perfect Valentine’s gift for the following reasons:

1. It is a Youth Fountain: The secret to an ever beautiful skin, silk bedding is the best bedding variety in the range of bedding available today. So whether you are gifting it to your boyfriend, girlfriend or to yourself, it simply won’t be that gift that can ever be frowned upon.

2. It Keeps Allergies Out of Sight: If your valentine is prone to allergies or has extremely sensitive skin, silk bedding is probably the smartest gift wrapped in care that he or she would ever have received. Silk fibers do not tug and are not rough on the skin.

3.    Silky Hair: If your girl keeps complaining about hair breakage, gift her silk bed sheets. Because silk doesn’t roughen out the hair, it reduces hair damage. Every morning, she will appreciate the gift and you for being so considerate.

While purchasing mulberry silk comforter or silk pillows as a Valentine gift, do not forget to hide a sweet note in the neatly wrapped gift. Gift it on a dinner date sipping a glass of champagne or wine.


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