Allergy Bedding No More

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Before discovering Cozy Earth, many of our customers had experienced problems with what they call "allergy bedding".  This basically includes all sheets, comforters, and pillows that harbor dust-mites and other microbes like bacteria, mold, and fungus (not to mention bed bugs). Many people don't realize that these microbes can exacerbate allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, and over-all fatigue.

Think about it, we go to bed to rest and re-charge our batteries.  To bury our face and body in bedding the harbors these kind of dust-mites and microbes inhibits our rest by increasing allergies and discomfort. And doing this for 6 or more hours a day (depending on your sleep time) increases the likelihood of adverse effect exponentially.

Allergy BeddingAllergy Bedding

THANKFULLY, Cozy Earth silk comforters, bamboo comforters, silk pillows, and bamboo sheets are ALL hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust-mites, bacteria, mold, fungus, and even bed bugs!

Science is on our side as well. Check out research on how bamboo sheets repel and eliminate bacteria!

"Recently The China Industrial Testing Center did extensive research on bamboo sheets several years ago.  They attempted to infect them the Staphylococcus aurous bacteria over a 24 hour time period.  After the 24 hour incubation period, the study showed that 100% of the bamboo sheets eliminated or repelled 99.8% of the Staphylococcus aurous bacteria! There are so many reasons to invest in bamboo bedding for your home!  Why would you not want to sleep in such great soft bedding knowing that you are saving the world one bamboo product at a time?"  Source:  by Lisa Martin, Green Earth News, Green Earth Bamboo.

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