Bamboo Beats Bug Bites: Proved Benefits of Bamboo

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You are hardly to blame if you dread those indiscernible germs prowling around on your bed sheet, ready to bug you with certain diseases that may range from minor nags to serious health disorders. After all, you are meant to be as cautious as you can against them.

Or, one understands your plight also if you are a tad too lazy to wash your sheets more often or send them to laundry. Either case, here is good news for you – the antibacterial sheets have made their way to the market and by the looks of it, there are here to stay!

Bamboo Sheets to Keep Bacteria at Bay

Experts say that the sheets made out of bamboo fibers do not let moisture seep in, and they go a long way in lumping out any bacterial growth on their surface. Also, the folks who have high sweats will also find it a healthier practice to use sheets made from these bamboo fibers. Now these are very essential observations made and if they have a reasonable degree of veracity, bamboo sheets are not the ones to be missed out on.
But this fuss around bamboo fibers and bamboo bed sheets might make you curious, and it may leave you wondering why you should trust bamboo in the first place.

How Was it Proved

There aren’t merely intangible theories explaining the antibacterial attributes of bamboo. Rather, there have been some reliable tests carried out in order to be sure. The most known of those is the quantitative antibacterial capability test, which was carried out at the China Industrial Testing Center (CTITC). The test was run between July 7th 2003 and July 11, 2003, and came up with some results that can be relied upon. The tests included testing of a chunk of bamboo fabric over a 24-hour period, where it was incubated with bacterial strain type Staphylococcus aureous. All the necessary precautions and deliverables were in order before and during the test. 24 hours after the test was started, the lab calculated the number of bacteria which made through the test alive. Astonishingly, 99.8% of bacteria was killed – arguably a high success rate.

How it can Benefit You

People suffering from Tinea Pedis, also known as athlete's foot, can use socks made by the fiber. Various tests have revealed that the symptoms like burning and itching can be treated using such fabrics, as they have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
You may not like your sheets to be shiny and glossy, but that is a downside to the bedding that doesn’t give germs a breeding ground.


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