Bamboo Bed Sheets: Why Choose Cozy Earth

Posted by Cody Wirth on

After reading The Benefits of Using Bamboo Sheets, you know all about the astounding qualities of these sheets. They’re eco-friendly, temperature-regulating, and allergy-reducing. However, not all bamboo bed sheets possess these amazing characteristics. Like everything, there’s a range from good to bad and everything in between.

So, what makes Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets better than the rest? Here are a couple of reasons why Cozy Earth beats the competition every time. First, Cozy Earth’s sheets are made from 100% bamboo, and second, they’re made from premium, long-strand bamboo.

100% Bamboo


One of the biggest draws of bamboo bed sheets is they’re environmentally friendly. After all, you don’t get much greener than bamboo, right? Yet, many bamboo bed sets aren’t as green as you think they are. In fact, most bamboo companies aren’t eco-friendly at all.

For example, many bamboo sheets are actually a bamboo-cotton blend, and cotton is one of the worst materials you can buy if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Even though it’s a plant, cotton is terrible for the planet, because it needs to be treated with pesticides in order to grow.

As a matter of fact, 22.8% of the pesticides used world-wide are used to treat cotton. That’s 16-25% more than any other crop! Consequently, if your sheets are a bamboo-cotton blend, the pesticides that are released into the atmosphere completely counteract the positive, eco-friendly qualities of bamboo.

That’s just most bamboo bedding companies though. Cozy Earth is different. At Cozy Earth, our sheets are 100% premium bamboo– no cheap, cotton-blends here! No cotton means that you never have to worry about pesticides being released into the air because bamboo doesn’t need to be treated with pesticides.

Premium, Long-Strand Bamboo

Another reason why Cozy Earth sheets are different is because they’re only made from premium, long-strand bamboo. Premium, long-strand bamboo is the highest grade of bamboo, which means that your sheets are made from the strongest, softest, and smoothest bamboo fibers around.100% bamboo bed sheets

Moreover, only using long-strand bamboo allows Cozy Earth to use a specialized weaving technique, which dramatically increases the life of your sheets. In fact, Cozy Earth sheets can last up to 15 years because of how they’re woven together.

So, what is this weaving technique? Well, Cozy Earth sheets are made by stretching long-strand bamboo fibers across the entire length of the sheet. Then, each thread end is anchored along the edges of the sheet. Traditional bedding, on the other hand, just overlaps the ends of short threads to give the illusion of one long thread. This leaves most of the thread ends loose throughout the sheet. Since the threads in

Cozy Earth sheets are securely anchored, Cozy Earth sheets never pill or tear, which dramatically extends the lifespan of your bedding.

As you can see, Cozy Earth’s bamboo bed sheets aren’t even in the same class as other sheet sets because they’re truly eco-friendly and use a much higher quality manufacturing process. As a result, if you invest in a set of 100% bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth, you know you’re getting the best.