Bamboo Sheets...the Premium Way

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When it comes to luxurious and elegant bedding, what comes to mind?  If you could envelop your body with natural elegance every night that was not only more comfortable that cotton or down, but also healthier for you and not any more than “luxury” cotton sheets, would you buy it? If you said “yes”, then Cozy Earth has the perfect premium bamboo bed sheets just for you.

For millions of years, Mother Nature  has created natural bedding for creatures big and small. Deer in the wild, Wolves in their dens, birds in their nests, and creatures of all kind have instinctively used natures best materials for their bedding. Even our early ancestors used what nature has provided in it’s raw natural form for comfort in bedding.


Bamboo Sheets
Bamboo Sheets


Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest growing and regenerating natural resources on the planet today. Considered as a grass, Bamboo has been used for centuries as paper, dishware, building materials, clothing, and as Cozy Earth has refined to natural perfection, unbelievably comfortable bamboo bed sheets. Cozy Earth’s Premium Bamboo Sheets will make sleeping feel as natural and refreshing as sleeping on a cloud. Sleeping without irritating allergens and unnatural additives found in many regular standard cotton sheets mass produced trade companies and mega-retailers.

Cozy Earth is committed to redefining the sleeping experience the way mother nature intended it. With their exclusive line of premium bamboo bed sheets, anyone can easily see the reason “Cozy” is their first name. Cozy Earth’s premium bamboo bedding actually contains natural properties that will wick away moisture and regulate your body’s temperature through the entire night, making you wake up refreshed the way nature intended us to feel each morning. That's the reason Cozy Earth's bedding is referred to as "Premium",

The natural bedding and elegance that Cozy Earth has pioneered is 100% , and naturally resistant to allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew and resistant to bed bugs and other irritants that make sleeping a challenging experience for many consumers who sleep on traditional allergen infused cotton bedding. One of the leading causes for poor sleep is the allergic response manifested through symptoms we feel each morning from the allergens infused in bedding. Often our bedding is ridden with particles of junk that our bodies know don’t belong in our system.

That is what makes Cozy Earth a paradigm shift in bedding and sleep products. Cozy Earth has created and pioneered a product that is naturally resistant to allergens and yet maintains elegance and luxurious comfort surpassed by no one. That's why Cozy Earth bamboo is referred to as "Premium" because it has been hand selected and crafted to be the best in bamboo bedding today.

Cozy Earth is the world’s foremost source of high-quality, authentic bamboo bed linens.