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Imagine a world that radiates nuzzling warmth, is silky smooth and offers maximum rejuvenation. Well, while the real world is carpeted with rough terrains, has many ups and downs and is not at all a bed of roses, your personal world surely can be reinvented into something charming and beautiful.


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Cozy Earth understands that restfulness is one of the prime elements of fine living. It therefore wraps ‘goodness and wellbeing’ in bamboo bedding and presents it to the world, which is in desperate need to revivify. With the help of these specialists, you can add a dash of appeal and a whole lot of comfort to your den.

Experts Speak: Tips from the Top Shots

1. Thread Count: While many people believe think thread count makes the bedding what it is, that’s not the absolute truth. Yes, thread count does matter. However, it does not matter too much. Fine fabrics that have durable threads are far better than those fabrics that have a high thread count, yet aren’t durable.

2. To Wash or Not: Cleanliness is the first step towards hygiene. While every type of bedding cannot be washed, you mustn’t use one which is not clean. Bamboo and silk comforters don’t need frequent cleaning; however, these must be dry cleaned at least once a month.

3. Replace Every Year: There is a guarantee period for every type of bedding material. Even the most expensive of bedding is likely to run out one day. Ensuring that you have purchased the best quality pillows or sheets does not mean that you will never have to buy new one. The best of bed sheets last for five years or sometimes even seven; nonetheless, beyond that you must purchase new ones.

4. Natural is a Must: Agreed that cotton is a naturally found material; however, just because it is a plant it cannot be said that the things made out of it will be completely natural. Bamboo and silk bedding on the other hand, are completely eco-friendly. These offer all the advantages that green products offer. Moreover, bedding made out of bamboo offers innumerable health benefits. Silk, on the other hand, is preferred because it is skin-friendly.

Keeping wellbeing aside, bed and bedding material should also add an aesthetic appeal to your home décor. At times, you can give your room a haute hotel look or pick a theme to re-do the interiors. Keep changing the look of the space with Cozy Earth bamboo sheets so that the room never gets boring.


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