DIY Felt Ball Garland

DIY Felt Ball Garland

Posted by Ciera Belyea on

Turn any space from function, to fun + inspiring by adding either colorful felt balls, or neutral touches in a DIY Felt Ball Garland.

This DIY project couldn’t be easier! All you'll need is a needle, string, and felt balls which your can purchase at any craft store. 

First, string your thick needle into the end of a lengthy piece of string or chord. Begin threading the felt balls by holding the first felt ball in between your thumb, index, and middle finger. Wiggle the top of the needle into the ball, pushing the needle out through the other end.

Here, you can choose to just keep threading on more felt balls for a constant and full look, or, space out the balls for a more minimal look.

 If you want to compile more of the minimal look,
check out these images for inspiration.


 One of my favorite things about this fun little project, is the simplicity of craft, the diversity in possible color, and the possibilities of use available.

I love adding pops of color over my fireplace for any upcoming holiday. This year I've opted for a Orange / White for Halloween. This can also be fun to use for Birthdays, or overlooked holidays like Mother's Day or Memorial Day.


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