End the Nightly Thermostat Debate Once and for All

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Are you shivering through the night, but your loved one feels like the bed is a sauna? Do you argue about what temperature to set the thermostat at each evening? The solution is simple – buy bamboo sheets! By switching to these sheets, you and your loved one will finally end the nightly thermostat debate once and for all.

How exactly do bamboo sheets solve this conundrum? After all, you’re both still sleeping under the same bedding; one of you is still going to be too hot while the other one is too cold, right?

Wrong! Bamboo bedding allows both of you to sleep comfortably because of its incredible wicking ability. In fact, bamboo is twice as breathable as cotton and reduces the humidity in your bed by 50%!

So, why do you care about how much humidity is in your bed and how does that help you and your partner to both be comfortable? To answer those questions, let’s first look at what happens when you sleep.

What Happens When You Sleep

As you know, your body radiates heat 24/7. When you crawl into bed at night, your body heat hits the blankets piled on top of you. Some of this heat escapes while some of it is reflected back to you. If too much heat is trapped under the covers with you, your body starts to sweat to cool you down.

Since you are weighed down with bedding, the water from your sweat is also trapped under the covers with you. The additional water causes even more heat to be reflected back towards you. In short, this additional humidity aggravates the situation, eventually causing you to overheat, wake up, and kick the blankets off in frustration.

How Bamboo Keeps You Comfortable

However, that is not the case with bamboo. As soon as you start sweating, bamboo wicks the excess moisture away, keeping you drier and cooler throughout the night. When you buy bamboo bedding, you never need to worry about overheating again.

Even though bamboo is exceptionally breathable, that doesn’t mean these sheets aren’t warm. The soft plush fibers of bamboo bedding keep you nice and toasty and only start wicking moisture away after you start sweating. When you sleep under bamboo sheets, you stay at your ideal temperature all night long – no matter which side of the bed you sleep on.

So, are you ready to end the nightly debate once and for all? Then browse our wide selection of bedding and start dreaming of the perfect night’s sleep today!

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