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You’ve heard a lot of reasons why you should buy bamboo sheets. For instance, you’ve probably heard that bamboo bedding is more eco-friendly and healthier than traditional bedding. You’ve probably also heard that bamboo is a much higher quality material than the cheap cotton or synthetic fabrics typically used to make bedding.

All of these statements are true, so why wouldn’t you just buy the cheapest bamboo sheets and comforter you can find? After all, any bamboo bed set is better than a standard one, right?

Unfortunately, not all bamboo bedding is the same. Many bamboo companies actually use a bamboo blend, a mixture of bamboo and cotton or synthetic fibers. While using this blend reduces costs, it negates almost all of the advantages of bamboo. Yet, these corporations never tell you that. They just let you assume that because their bedding has a little bit of bamboo in it, it has all of bamboo’s beneficial qualities.

However, Cozy Earth is different. Cozy Earth has the best bamboo sheets and comforters because we only use 100% premium bamboo. We use the best materials and the latest techniques to ensure our bedding is as green, healthy, and high quality as the bamboo name implies.

We also try to be as transparent as possible. That’s why we’ve outlined exactly why our bamboo bedding beats the competition in all three of these categories below.


As stated above, the key difference between Cozy Earth bedding and the competition is we only use 100% bamboo while they use a bamboo blend. So, why is using 100% bamboo instead of a blend make such a difference?

Well, the trouble with bamboo blends is that they incorporate cheaper, chemically intensive materials. For example, cotton is the material most often used in bamboo blends and cotton must be treated with pesticides in order to grow. In fact, 24% of the world’s insecticides and 11% of its pesticides are used on cotton, even though cotton is only grown on 2.4% of the world’s crop land. As you can see, using cotton as a source material contributes significantly to the pollution of the earth.

Bamboo, however, is naturally resistant to pests and disease, which means it doesn’t need to be protected with pesticides. Since Cozy Earth only uses bamboo and doesn’t rely on cotton or other chemically intensive materials, we aren’t polluting the environment with pesticides. This means Cozy Earth bedding is truly green.


The reason why Cozy Earth bedding is greener is the same reason why it is healthier. Since Cozy Earth only uses bamboo, the materials for our bedding never come into contact with pesticides. Consequently, these pesticides never find their way into your bed and you never breathe them in.

In contrast, cotton still has pesticide residue on it after it has been turned into bedding. As a matter of fact, the residue from pesticides remains on your sheets and blankets even after you’ve washed them multiple times. With traditional cotton bedding, you sleep in these chemicals night after night, poisoning your lungs and corroding your skin. It’s no wonder cotton bedding aggravates asthma and irritates eczema when you’re actually sleeping under a spray of chemicals.

Another way Cozy Earth limits chemical exposure is by never using harsh chemicals or dyes during the manufacturing process. To turn hard bamboo reeds into thread, most bamboo manufacturers dissolve their bamboo in a vat of carbon disulfide, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid. Cozy Earth, on the other hand, soaks the bamboo in a gentle sodium solution. This sodium solution is much healthier than the alternative.

If you want to learn more about Cozy Earth’s manufacturing process and why it is healthier, read our blog: What Is Bamboo Viscose?

Higher Quality

Finally, Cozy Earth bamboo bedding is the best because it is a much higher quality product. It’s made from only the highest grade of bamboo, making it the softest and smoothest bedding on the market today.

Additionally, it is made using a special weaving technique to guarantee it never pills or tears. To weave Cozy Earth bedding, long-strand bamboo is stretched across the entire length of the fabric and the thread ends are anchored along the edges. Since the thread ends are securely anchored, the integrity of the fabric remains intact over time. In fact, Cozy Earth bedding can last up to 15 years in part due to this technique.

In comparison, traditional bedding weaves short threads together, overlapping the ends to create the illusion of one long thread. This leaves the thread ends loose throughout the sheet or bedspread. Over time, these loose thread ends work themselves out of the fabric, causing the sheet to pill and tear. That’s why many cheap bed sets only last a couple of years.

When you combine the softest, smoothest texture with strength and durability, there isn’t any question on whose bedding is the best – and that’s before you factor in how Cozy Earth bedding is greener and healthier than other bamboo businesses.

However, if you’re still not convinced, try it out for yourself! Cozy Earth offers a 30 day money back guarantee on any of your purchases. We know that you will absolutely love Cozy Earth bedding, so go ahead and browse our wide selection of bamboo bedding to find your perfect bed set today!


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