Holiday Party Tips

Holiday Party Tips

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Holiday Party Trips

No better time to change up the playlist, warm up the cider,
and bust out the gifts, than December!
In the coming weeks,
friends and families will gather in homes to celebrate the iconic festive holidays.
Be prepared, with a few of these top Holiday Party Planning tips -

1. Create the Perfect Ambience

Whether you’re playing party games, enjoying conversation over a drink, or opening presents - make sure your lighting and aroma is exactly what you’ve planned. The Christmas Tree lights serve a special double function as glow, and character. Make sure you’ve strategically placed soft lights in all the right places! My favorites include; near the couch, above the dining table, and especially draping the main entrance doorway.

2. Iconic Fragrance

One of my favorite family traditions, is homemade wassail.
Not only is it delicious, warm, and festive - but it smells AMAZING!
Here is the fool-proof traditional recipe -
2 gallons apple cider

2 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
1 cup of lemon juice
1 cup of pineapple juice
1 cup of sugar
1-2 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Teaspoon Whole Cloves

Combine all in a large pot over medium heat for at least
15 minutes before guests start to arrive. Voila!

    3. Give The Gift that Keeps on Giving

      Oprah and her team have spoken -
      Cozy Earth Bedding is the number one gift to give your loved ones this year!
      Oprah said, “Your bed shouldn’t be where you sweat the small (or big) stuff.
      This bamboo-sourced set - including sheets and a duvet cover -
      is the softest ever and helps regulate body temperature,
      meaning both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night’s rest.”
      Not only does it have many sleep and health benefits, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee of no pilling or discoloration. The department stores are booming with piles of festive, low-quality sheet sets year after year. Be the gift giver that they will be talking about for years to come, by getting the Cozy Earth Bedding Bundle here!


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