How to Get over a Cold Faster

By Anil S | Dec 28, 2017

How to Get over a Cold Faster

By Anil S | Dec 28, 2017

It’s that time of year – sleigh bells are jingling, the clop-clop of reindeer can be heard on the rooftops, and a merry ho-ho echoes in the distance. Yes, it’s Christmas time. However, along with Santa Clause and snow, winter also ushers in cold and flu season and nothing is worse than being sick over the holidays.

So, how do you get over a cold fast so you can get back to opening presents with your family and friends? Well, you’ve heard a million different home remedies, everything from drinking warm water with lemon juice and honey to listening to jazz music, but you probably haven’t heard of this trick: switch to organic bamboo bedding.

Surprising, but true – In addition to seeking proper medical care, one of the most important things you can do when you’re sick is to get proper rest. According to a study by the Perelman School of Medicine, sleep provides you with the energy you need to maintain a healthy immune system, and without it, you’re recovery stalls dramatically.

So, how do bamboo sheets and an organic comforter help your body get the rest that it needs to recover?

First, it helps you breathe easier by eliminating common respiratory irritants from your bed. Bamboo contains an anti-microbial agent called bamboo-kun that makes it naturally resistant to microbes such as fungi, bacteria, and dust mites.

Additionally, this organic bedding has an incredible wicking ability that reduces the humidity in your bed by an incredible 50%! By drastically reducing the moisture, bamboo bedding prevents microbes from invading your bed, because like all living things, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites need water to survive.

Without dust mites and those other allergens clogging up your lungs all night, you can breathe easier and therefore sleep better when you snooze under organic bamboo bedding.

Bamboo’s phenomenal wicking ability has another benefit – it helps to regulate your temperature so you stay comfy and cozy all night long. By efficiently wicking excess heat and moisture away, bamboo works with your body’s natural cooling system to keep you at the perfect temperature.

So, even if you have chills or a fever, this organic bedding adjusts how much heat it retains based on whether your body is shivering or sweating. If you aren’t jerked awake every time your body decides to switch between chills and a fever, then you can sleep more soundly and speed up the recovery process.

To discover more of the health benefits of bamboo bedding, check out How Bamboo Bedding Relieves Allergies today!

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