How To Make Your Organic Bamboo Sheets Even Greener?

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Organic Bamboo Sheets So, what do you know about your bamboo sheets? Above all, you must be sure that these bed sheets are amazingly environmentally friendly. Out of all crops used to make fabrics, bamboo is the most swiftly-growing grass that employs land space competently and doesn’t necessitate agricultural chemicals, pesticides or artificial irrigation.

Moreover, Bamboo also has an advantageous impact on neighboring ecosystems by averting top soil loss along with breathing out a lot of oxygen.


Bamboo BeddingBamboo Bedding


This is how bamboo is naturally green, now here are a few tips to make your bamboo bedding even greener…

* You will usually notice that bamboo fabric is blended with other fabric to achieve the desired results. So, next time when you go shopping for a bamboo bed sheet, ensure that you buy the product that has the fine amalgamation of bamboo and other textiles like cotton, linen, hemp and silk. Avoid buying bamboo bedding that has a use of synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic that have a very low score on the sustainability chart.

* It is very important that you make certain that your bamboo sheets are colored using low-impact dyes. Vegetable dyes are the best options to use. Low-impact dyes are not natural dyes exactly but have a high absorption rate, employ much less water, are used in lower temperatures and are non-hazardous. One the other hand, conventional dying methods frequently engage toxins like heavy metals, mordants, petrochemical derivatives, and a lot of water.

* After you bring home a bamboo bedding set, use green and environment friendly laundry material and methods for its cleaning and maintenance. Wash these bed sheets in cold water with phosphate-free, natural laundry detergent and avoid using fabric softener. Line-dry your bamboo bedding to diminish the energy consumption.

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