How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Posted by Cody Wirth on

It’s that time of year again – it’s time to start spring cleaning. As such, it’s probably the one time of year where you actually take the time to organize your linen closet. It has been spirally into a giant ball of fabric for months and you’re probably dreading even opening the door.

To help you out of this mess, here are 6 tips from Cozy Earth on how to organize your linen closet so it will stay organized all year long.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Linen closets tend to be located in small niches wherever the architect could conveniently fit them into the layout of the house. As a result, they’re rarely built to actually accommodate a full linen set. That’s why you really need to purge your linen closet and only keep the items that you need and love.

So, go ahead and toss your old, holy sheets! You don’t need them anymore! After finally donating or giving away all your junk, you might even be able to reward yourself with a beautiful new set of organic sheets. ;)

Think Outside the Closet

Additionally, you don’t need to put all your linens in your specially designated linen closet. Be creative and keep harder to store items in the rooms where they are actually used. For instance, have a spot in each bedroom closet for extra pillows rather than shoving them into your teeny tiny linen closet. Store your guest sheets and bedding in the guest room. Keep your kids extra blankets in a bin under their bed.

Add Shelf Dividers

One of the biggest problems with linen closets is that everything tends to tip over. Your sheets end up tangled up together and your beautiful silk comforter is a crumpled heap on the top shelf.

To avoid this problem, add shelf divers to create little cubby holes for all your linens. This will infinitely increase the stability of your linen closet, which will keep it more organized in the long run.

Label Everything

Once you have a spot for all your linens, label each shelf accordingly. That way no matter who ends up putting the laundry away, they will know exactly where everything goes. Plus, you won’t have to try to remember your organizational system when next year’s spring cleaning rolls around – You’ll already have it laid out!

Use Space Bags

Store the items that you rarely use or only use seasonally in space bags in the back or top of your closet. Space bags are phenomenal at maximizing your space and keeping your linens fresh. It’s a fairly well-known tip, but still worth mentioning.

Keep Kids Linens Down Low

This last tip is for those of you who have kids. Use gravity to your advantage and keep the items your children are most likely to pull out on the bottom shelf. Then, keep the linens they’ll never think to touch (like their bedroom sheets) on the higher selves that are at adult eye level. That way, when they go to grab their favorite blanket, they won’t take your entire linen closet down with it.

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