How To Style Your Bed - Like a Designer

How To Style Your Bed - Like a Designer

Posted by Ciera Belyea on

Here at Cozy Earth, we know a thing or two about luxurious bedding. Your bed should be a safe haven, a place where you can always count on being relaxed, comfortable, and inspired. What better way to create this space, than with tips from top interior designers from around the world.

1. Throw Pillows

Add Color, texture, character, and coziness by adding throw pillows to your master bedroom. Pick pillows that have different fabrics, are a pleasing color to the rest of your décor, and that are comfortable and cozy.  I like to find local shops that offer unique pieces. A few of my favorites are linked below.


Amina Pillow from

Asha in Mustard by

Echa from

2. Add a Foot Blanket

Here at Cozy Earth, we haven't left you hanging when it
comes to plush blankets and beautiful throws.
We offer full bamboo blankets, bringing the same great benefits as the rest of our bedding. Temperature regulating (never too hot or too cold,) humidity reducing, incredible soft and smooth, making it the perfect cuddly blanket. These come in an array of sizes, from baby blanket to King, and we even offer a unique throw for your favorite couch or chair. These blankets are linked below.
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3. Attention to Detail

Small details like a button, exposed zipper, edged piping on a throw pillow, or details on a throw blanket add an extra layer of sophistication to any styled bed. More importantly, what you don’t see, matter too. Cozy Earth Bedding will be the softest bedding you've ever touched. If you don't believe us, check out the thousands of happy customers who have tried it for themselves. If you're always worried about scratchy fabrics, being too hot or too cold, smelling unnatural chemicals in your bedding, or are looking for something hypoallergenic, cozy earth is the option for you.

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