Indulging In the Luxury of Bamboo Sheets

Posted by Cody Wirth on

As soft as cashmere and as smooth as silk, bamboo sheet sets are becoming one of the most sought after luxury beddings around the world. Why? Mainly because they are easy to clean and they tend to get better with every wash. Apart from this, bamboo sheets are temperature regulating, i.e. the fabric stays cool naturally during the summer months and warm during the winters, making it the best choice for luxury bed sheets.

Environmentally friendly:

Benefits of using this fabric are not restricted to softness and longevity. The material is also eco-friendly. In fact, bamboo is known to be one of the greenest, most renewable, and the fastest growing resource known to man. This plant can easily grow up to one foot in a day. Hence, there is absolutely no worry about deforestation. Also, another important factor- bamboo has the ability to become really dense and thick. In fact, bamboo forests have approx. 40% more biomass than any normal forest. This means they have forty percent more carbon-reducing power!

As for herbicides, pesticides and other cruel chemicals, bamboo just doesn't need them. This makes this shoot an product, unlike cotton, which is produced using a very unnatural process. Also, distinct from other fabrics, sheets made of bamboo have antibacterial qualities.

When fibers of bamboo blend with silk the result is pretty heavenly. Bamboo threads are known to be naturally breathable and exceptionally soft while silk is known for its opulence and class. The luxurious fusion of these threads creates a meeting place for contemporary and old, soft and luxurious. Consequentially, when you sleep on such sheets, your senses are pampered with the soft feel that only well blended bamboo and silk bedding can offer. However, make sure you buy the fabric from a genuine provider who has the reputation to offer the finest quality.