Launder Tips to Boost Life of Your Bamboo Sheets and Bedding

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Organic Bedding Sheet 
Organic Bedding Sheet


Bamboo sheets and bedding are undoubtedly amongst the most luxurious and sustainable alternatives when it comes to choosing the best for your sleep system. But after endowing ample amount of time in its selection and purchase, you will surely do everything to ensure apposite upholding of your bedding and bamboo sheets.

Here are a few time-tested launder tips that can help your bedding and sheets stay as beautiful and useful as they were the day you purchased them.

•    Like every other or non- bedding, your bamboo sheets need to be washed and cleaned on a customary basis to keep it fresh and clean.
•    When you are going for the first wash, keep in mind, to study the manufacturer’s care instructions. These care advices will help you get information on fabric fiber blends and will give you some special care instructions for the particular brand.
•    Another imperative fact to discern while you are preparing to launder your bamboo bedding is that it is pre-shrunk or not. Many bamboo products are pre-shrunk to avoid size change problems after first wash.
•    Hot water wears the fabric much sooner than the cold water, so wash your bamboo sheets with cool water to minimize wear and shrinkage risk.
•    Try to use eco-friendly detergents that are free from harmful chemicals and phosphates to wash your bedding. This will make your sheets and bedding last longer and will add much to a greener bedding care.
•    As the bamboo fabric is very supple, you need not use chemical based fabric softeners. You can go for a natural fabric softener like white vinegar! (Don’t worry; it does not leave its smell.)

•    After washing, it is greatly recommended to put your fabric to line-dry. Do not over dry, level the fabric and fold it when it is still warm.
•    Remember! Bamboo fabric loses a little strength when it is wet, so handle your bamboo sheet with care.

Following the above tips can help you keep your bamboo bed sheets and bamboo bedding in great condition for a long time and you can enjoy a healthy sleep for years. Above all, it is significant to procure bedding from a quality and reliable source. One of the oldest and most trusted homes of bamboo bedding and sheets is ‘Cozy Earth’. Cozy Earth offers silk comforters, bamboo comforters, silk pillows, and bamboo sheets that are absolutely hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust-mites, bacteria, mold, fungus, and even bed bugs! Offering the quality on which you can trust with closed eyes and prices that will make you come back.