Let's Get Tidy -  5 Steps to Organizing + Decluttering Your Life

Let's Get Tidy - 5 Steps to Organizing + Decluttering Your Life

Posted by Ciera Belyea on

Let's Get Tidy

Let's see.. It's the end of February. How are your resolutions coming along?
Usually stuck somewhere on people's laundry list of goals; tidy up the house. Wither you're a organized pro, or your house looks like It belongs on TLC;
here's a few tips and tricks to help tidy up the space you call home.


1. Pull out EVERYTHING

Start in one room. Pull out everything from under the bed.
The closet and all those drawers? Yup - it's going to get messy, quickly.
Pull everything out into one big pile on the floor.
Start going through what really needs to be stored, what might be garbage,
and what can go in a box for the local donation center.

2. Find the Right Organization Tools for YOU!

Spend some time finding what organization boxes, tools,
or systems work best for you.
Pinterest can be helpful in helping narrow your search.
Find boxes and baskets that make you excited,
elevate your space, and are functional.



3. Be Realistic

If you're anything like me, you know that sometimes life can only
be so clean + organized for so long.
I like to leave an empty area available for those stashes and messes.
It will keep the calm longer, and reminds me that it's ok to make messes
when life gets hectic.


4. Get Label Crazy

Invest in a good label maker, and get to work.
Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage room -
all can be greatly impacted and improved with the help of a label maker.
I like to add funny sayings to mine.
For our medications it says "You're sick."
For our band aids and antiseptics it reads "You're hurt."
Adds some humor, gets to the paint, and helps keep everything in it's place.



5. Reduce, Recycle, Repeat

We leave in a era of compulsion shopping.
Double check your shopping cart (virtual or real life)
next time you're ready to checkout.
Make sure the items you want are needed, useful,
and will be bring value to your life.
Decluttering your life will help you feel happier, more grateful,
and help you focus on the things that matter most in life.
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