Live a Greener Life with Organic Bamboo Bedding

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Movies like “Bee Movie” and “WALL-E,” show that our society is becoming more environmentally aware. We have realized that it is our responsibility to be the caretakers of the earth rather than just consumers of it. Yet, most of us live busy lives and we don’t have time to own a beehive or clean up a landfill. So, what are a few simple ways we can change and live a greener life? Well, one way is to swap out your old bedding for bamboo bedding!

Organic Bamboo Bedding for a Greener Life

Organic bamboo bedding, such as Cozy Earth bamboo sheets, can help you live a greener life in three ways.

First , bamboo bedding is made from a renewable resource that doesn’t harm the environment.

Second, switching to bamboo bedding helps reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.

Third, bamboo bedding doesn’t have to be replaced as often as other kinds of bedding, thereby reducing the waste poured into landfills.

Organic bamboo bedding is a naturally renewable product because it is made from bamboo. Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing grass that grows back after it has been cut. Also, it is able to grow almost anywhere in the world with very little water and nutrients. Since it is such an easy plant to grow and sustain, bamboo can be used over and over again.

While explaining how bamboo is a naturally renewable resource is straightforward, one may wonder how it helps CO2 emissions. Well, bamboo is naturally resistant to insects and bacteria so it doesn’t need to be sprayed with pesticides. In contrast, cotton, the material used in traditional bedding, needs to be protected by pesticides as it grows. In fact, cotton is sprayed with more pesticides than any other crop in the world.

Pesticides are known to release CO2 when sprayed into the air. At high levels, CO2 can cause significant environmental damage, resulting in climate changes. By choosing bamboo bedding over traditional cotton, you are helping reduce the amount of pesticides sprayed into the air, and eventually deterring climate changes.

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases, bamboo bedding also contributes to reducing the waste added to landfills and dumps. This is because bamboo bedding is extraordinarily durable. It won’t pill and tear like traditional bedding. It also won’t yellow over time because it doesn’t absorb any of the oils from your skin. Since bamboo bedding is more durable, it doesn’t have to be replaced as often. Therefore, the overall consumption of products is reduced and the amount of garbage in landfills decreases.

Therefore, switching your old bedding with bamboo bedding is a quick and easy way to live a greener life. Imagine all the good you could do if you switched all the bedding in your home to bamboo bedding. Why only choose a queen size bamboo comforter for your guest room, when you could make your kid’s bedroom greener too by investing in twin size bamboo sheets?  Go ahead and indulge in ultra-comfortable bamboo bedding while also helping your environment.

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