Night Sweats and Menopause: Find Relief in Organic Bedding

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Are you a woman reaching her mid 40s? Chances are that menopause is about to strike. While most women fret thinking about this change that happens in their body clock, reading about it and doing your best to cross the stage in the best manner, helps.

Though menopause is unavoidable, most of the symptoms concerned with it can be soothed or eased, if you pay attention to certain things. Try using bamboo bedding or the one made particularly made out of silk. The natural fabric i.e. silk has the innate property of absorbing moisture in the atmosphere. However, it does not absorb the natural moisture of your skin, making you looking fresh. Nonetheless, it does absorb the body moisture on the surface of your body that occurs because of sweating.

Menopause and Organic Bedding

Statistics has it that around 80-80 percent women in North America itself experience night sweats due to pre-menopause and menopause. More than 50 percent out of these women continue experiencing excessive sweating at night even after menopause. Sweating combined with hot flashes makes it impossible for women to get a good night’s sleep. Because sleep is essential for one’s overall health and energy levels, it often becomes difficult for women suffering from menopause to carry out their routine normally. The following symptoms that are associated with night sweats make it clear why the condition does not even allow one to sleep properly:

  • Intense heat being emitted through the body
  • Amplified heart beat rate
  • Perspiration
  • Suffocation

Want to know what causes night sweats? Understanding what causes the symptoms of menopause is the first step to minimizing them. Night sweats arise because of mixed signals being sent by brain as well as the body. At the time when estrogen flux happens, the part of the body that controls temperature, hunger, fatigue and other mechanisms, orders the body to release heat. This causes the body temperature to rise. Many women also experience a rise in heart rate because of this. Some of them feel such a rush of heat and increase in heart rate that they panic and anxiety.

Organic bedding helps keep the temperature of the body regulated even during menopause. This is why; bedding made out of silk and bed bug sheet is preferred by many women in America as well as in other parts of the world. Buy your own comforter and know for yourself.


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