Quality Items to Splurge on for your Bedroom

Apr 16, 2021

Quality Items to Splurge on for your Bedroom

Apr 16, 2021

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s where you unwind, relax, and lay your head at the end of a very long day. That’s why it’s important to create a comfortable space that will continue to be in style for years to come.

With all the decisions you have to make, however, it can be difficult to create a bedroom you’re proud of without breaking the budget. To get you started, here are 6 things you should splurge on to make your space last!


A Comfy Mattress

Master bedroom with Cozy Earth bedding


If you spend money on only one thing make sure it’s a quality mattress. Not only can cheap mattresses lead to back problems and lack of sleep but they also don’t last as long. Not to mention, the overall look is at risk with a low-quality mattress with potential for deformation and sagging. When it comes to the place responsible for giving you a good night’s sleep, splurge on something super comfy that you love!


A Quality Bed Frame

 King bed with grey headboard

Supporting every fantastic mattress is a quality headboard and bed frame. Your bed is the focal point of your room– it’s where your eye is drawn first so having a headboard that compliments your personality and reflects your style is definitely going to give you extra bang for your buck. 

Two awesome options for this feature are solid wood and upholstered frames because you can customize them to your liking. Solid wood bed frames are always a good choice as the design styles are limitless. Upholstered beds are also a great option because they are classic, comfy, and you always have the option to get it reupholstered down the road. Additionally, you may consider getting something with built-in storage so it has multiple purposes.




Master bedroom with modern oversized nightstands

Nightstands not only improve the aesthetic of a space by making it feel more complete but they are also great for storage and organization. It’s an ideal place to store the books you're reading, medication you take before bed, tech gadgets, and more. Choosing something with great storage will help you avoid cluttering the space.



Bedroom with artwork and mirrors on the walls


High-quality or original artwork is a great way to enhance your room and the good news is it doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting on your part! Photographs and paintings can really set the tone for your bedroom and allow your personality to shine without overwhelming a space. The best way to get the most out of artwork purchases is to dedicate time to finding an option that works for your space now and in the future– a piece that is timeless.


Paint / Wallpaper

Bedroom with dark gray wallpaper accent wall

Having high-end furniture and decor in your room is great, but pairing it with a great paint or wallpaper will really take your room to the next level. This quick and simple addition really adds depth and personality to a space and doesn’t cost you much!


Premium Linens

King bed with Cozy Earth sheets, comforter and blankets

When it comes to something that touches your skin with the expectation that it will lull you to sleep, high-quality sheets are not to be underrated. Bottom line: your comfort depends on the breathability and softness of your linens. Even look for stain-resistant to make them last. Having luxurious, comfortable linens is also worth the investment. Don’t settle!


Make It Last

Over-committing to a trend is one of the biggest mistakes we see because they come and go. Investing in timeless, custom pieces gives you control over materials, durability, and aesthetics so you can create a space that will be in style for years to come. 

That being said, there are so many decisions to be made and sticking to a budget while obtaining that timeless look more challenging. Consider investing in an interior designer. Their expertise can help you achieve the look you want within your budget. When it comes to your bedroom, you deserve nothing but the best.


Bre Hance

Bre Hance headshot

Bre Hance approaches her design projects with enthusiasm and intent. As the founder of InHance Interiors, a boutique firm located in Los Angeles, she services clients all over the world including athletes, celebrities, homeowners, luxury home builders, and investors. 

Bre believes that hard work, efficient planning, and excellent communication are fundamental to success. With her attention to detail and keen eye for transforming spaces, she has enjoyed the satisfaction of delivering beautifully designed homes that were merely yesterday’s dreams.

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