Sleep Soundly with Bamboo Bed Sheets

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We spend eight hours every night snoozing in our beds. Are those eight hours spent sound asleep, lazily dreaming, or are they spent tossing and turning, never able to get comfortable? If you are one of those people who can never get comfortable, switch to bamboo bed sheets and a bamboo duvet cover for a better night’s sleep.


Why do bamboo bed sheets and a bamboo duvet cover help you to sleep soundly at night?

The first reason is that bamboo bedding regulates your body temperature better than traditional bedding. Bamboo bedding regulates your body temperature better because bamboo wicks moisture away twice as fast as traditional bedding, keeping your bed humidity free. Humidity aggravates extreme temperatures so a drier bed means you’ll stay warmer during the freezing winters and cooler in the scorching summers.

The second reason why bamboo bedding helps you to sleep better at night is because bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic. This is because dust mites and bacteria love warm, moist environments and bamboo bedding naturally reduces these conditions as we saw above. Since bamboo bedding is hypoallergenic and reduces the humidity in your bed, you aren’t breathing in as much dust and bacteria as you would with traditional bedding. Since you aren’t breathing in dust and bacteria, you’re allergies aren’t acting up and you can breathe easier at night. When you are able to breathe easier, you are able to sleep better.

The final reason why bamboo bed sheets and a bamboo duvet cover help you to sleep soundly is because bamboo fabric is softer and conforms to your body better than traditional bedding. For example, bamboo bed sheets are even softer than cotton, the traditional fabric used in bedding.

Additionally, bamboo bed sheets drape across your body and conform to your curves, evenly distributing the fabric’s weight and reducing pressure points. Bamboo bedding is also often lighter than traditionally bedding so you are not weighed down and smothered by your bedding. When your bedding is softer, evenly distributed, and lighter, you are more comfortable and you can sleep better at night.

Are you looking for twin size bamboo sheets to help your children sleep better at night? What about a bamboo duvet cover for your bed? Where should you look for bamboo bedding to help you sleep soundly at night?

Look no further than Cozy Earth. Cozy Earth has the highest quality of bamboo bedding. Our bedding is made from 100% premium bamboo, which means Cozy Earth’s bedding is the softest, most durable, and highest quality bamboo bedding on the market today. We are so sure our bamboo bedding will help you sleep better at night that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t love Cozy Earth’s bedding as much as we do!

For more information about finding the perfect bedding for you, check out our blog post: How to Pick the Perfect Bamboo Bed Sheets and Bamboo Duvet Cover.


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