Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas - Seriously Instagram Worthy

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas - Seriously Instagram Worthy

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It's that time of the year, friends and family from around the country gather together, catch up, and enjoy a delightful meal. If you're planning on hosting this year, wow your guests with a simple and sophisticated centerpiece. Or, if you're planning on being a guest at this year's dinner, communicate with the host and offer to bring a fun centerpiece! Either way, this is a post that everyone can benefit from.

Simple + White

If you know anything about Cozy Earth and our style, you know we love simplicity and we love anything white. Buying some small white pumpkins, adding some greenery (seeded eucalyptus like what is pictured will also add some great fragrance!), and lay it out right there on the table. This is a simple, affordable, and very sophisticated look.

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Wrapped Wheat

Ok, this is seriously adorable. How simple and fun is this? Give those classic wheat stalks a modern makeover with a small amount of wrapped color with embroidery thread. Put one large bunch in the middle of the table, or separate it out into little bases running a long table. Also… how cute would this be wrapped in just white? *Heart eyes.*

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Classic Floral

There's nothing more timeless than a fall-colored floral arrangement to really look impressive. Adding texture, height, color, and unique features like fruit to an arrangement will leave all of the in-laws impressed. If this is too intimidating for you to tackle yourself, most local flower shops are comfortable adding unique features to any festive order!

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Candled Apples

Last but certainly not least, check out this creative display of small candles in carved out apples! I can only imagine that it has an impressive and festive smell to it as well. Adding candles to any Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece display will instantly add a sophistication you can only imagine. I love paring this idea with some loose greenery, and adding small stands for varying height.

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Do you have a fun Thanksgiving Centerpiece idea? Comment below! We love hearing customers ideas.


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