The Advantages of Bamboo Duvet Covers

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

The Advantages of Bamboo Duvet Covers

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

Whether they’re made from silk or down, comforters tend to be quite expensive. Since comforters are costly, duvet covers are essential if you want the most value for your purchase. Duvet covers help you receive the most value by protecting your comforter, thereby extending its lifespan for years.

While purchasing a duvet cover is clearly a smart investment, which duvet cover should you buy? More importantly, which duvet cover will make your comforter last the longest, helping you to get the most out of your comforter?

The answer: a bamboo duvet cover.

You may be surprised by that answer since bamboo bedding is still relatively new. So, why exactly is a bamboo duvet cover the best option? Well, below are three reasons why bamboo duvet covers beat other duvet covers every time.

• Bamboo duvet covers are washable.
• Bamboo duvet covers are durable.
• Bamboo duvet covers are luxurious.

1. Washable

The primary reason you buy a duvet cover is so you can pull it off and wash it anytime. However, silk and other high-end duvet covers aren’t machine washable, making them difficult to clean. In contrast, bamboo duvet covers can go into a washing machine, making cleaning effortless. This washable quality of bamboo makes bamboo duvet covers the clear choice over other duvet covers.

In particular, the washable quality of bamboo is especially important if you’re looking for a duvet cover for your child’s bed. In fact, if you’re looking for washable bedding for your kids, bamboo is a fantastic option for all your bedding needs. For instance, twin size bamboo sheets, blankets, and comforters are all washable and easy to maintain.

2. Durable

In addition to being washable, bamboo duvet covers are durable. Bamboo duvet covers are durable because of the materials and processes used to make this bedding. Only premium, long-strand bamboo is used to make bamboo duvet covers. This long-strand bamboo is stretched across the entire length of duvet cover. This process prevents the fabric from pilling and tearing over time. Because of this process, bamboo duvet covers last years longer than their counterparts do.

3. Luxurious

When you buy a comforter, you buy it because you love the way it feels against your skin – soft, silky smooth, and luxurious. However, when you add a duvet cover, you are often cut off from this luxurious comfort, which ruins the whole purpose of a comforter.

While this may be true of most duvet covers, bamboo duvet covers have their own luxurious texture so you can still enjoy your comforter. When you touch a bamboo duvet cover, you realize that they are softer than cotton. Additionally, these duvet covers are smooth like silk, giving them the luxurious quality you love. With a bamboo duvet cover, you have all of the luxury of your comforter while still having the utility of a duvet cover.In summary, bamboo bedding, such as a bamboo duvet cover, is washable, durable, and luxurious, making it a great investment for any home. In fact, bamboo bedding isn’t only great for your home; it is also a great gift for weddings or baby showers! To find out why bamboo bedding makes a great baby shower gift, read our blog How Bamboo Bed Sheets Can Make Pregnancy Easier.

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