The Best Guest Bedding

The Best Guest Bedding

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After reading 3 Reasons Why Bamboo Sheets Are Great for Guests, I wanted to see if bamboo bedding would really make that big of a difference to my house guests before investing in a second set of bamboo sheets. Fortunately, my mom was coming to visit and I had the perfect opportunity to test it out in real life. Here’s what happened… 

First, I prepared the guest room. I did all the typical things you do when you’re getting ready for company – I bought fresh flowers, put out a few magazines I knew she would like, and wrote down the Wi-Fi password on a little card so she wouldn’t have to ask for it a hundred times, etc. 

However, I did also have to blow up an air mattress. I propped it up on a stand so that it was at least the height of a real bed. Even so, the room still looked a little depressing.

Then, I made the bed. I used the nicest bedding I had (bamboo sheets, bamboo comforter, bamboo duvet cover, bamboo blanket – the works) and it completely transformed the room. The gorgeous white fabric brightened up the entire space! Suddenly, the room was the light and airy, the bright flowers were popping out against a snowy backdrop, and even the air mattress looked like a real bed. I couldn’t have been happier when I showed my mom where she would be staying.

Now, you’re probably thinking that even the nicest sheets can’t compensate for sleeping on an air mattress, and to be fair, my mom probably would have gotten sick of it if she had been staying with me for more than a week. However, the first thing she said to me the next morning was how well she had slept and how silky the sheets were. I just sat there smiling into my hot chocolate. 

Yet, that wasn’t the end of it. With absolutely no prodding on my part, my mom kept bringing up the bedding for the entire trip and how well she was sleeping, despite the air mattress. Every day she would make some little comment about how smooth the sheets were, how soft and light the comforter was, how cozy and warm she was all night. (I was actually a little worried about whether she would be warm enough, since she’s from the South and I live in the great white north of Canada, but the sheets kept her at the perfect temperature all night long.) 

We even accidently smooshed some chocolate into the comforter when we were watching a movie one night. She panicked, thinking that we’d ruined my “brand new” white bedding (I’ve actually had them for months). I just pulled off the duvet cover and popped it into the washing machine. By the time we’d finished our movie, it was good as new. 

Meanwhile, my husband and I were using the goose down comforter and fleece sheets that my parents had given to us for Christmas last year. We had been snoozing soundly on bamboo bedding for months and switching to a different bed set was actually a little hard on us. 

We were overheating every night and waking up in a fog every morning. The comforter was so heavy that it weighed us down, trapping us in a haze of sleep and dust. The down feathers also made the bed feel hard, and in my husband’s words, “crunchy.” After dropping my mom off at the airport, he even asked, “Can we have our bedding back now?” I felt a little bad that we didn’t appreciate my parent’s present very much, but the difference truly was astounding. 

Needless to say, I am definitely investing in a 2nd set of bamboo sheets for the guest room and probably going to buy my parents some bamboo bedding for Christmas as well. 

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