The Top 3 Comforters

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When shopping for a new comforter, you want to find a comforter that you will love and that will last for years. Comforters can be quite expensive and you want to make your investment is worth it. To help you find the perfect comforter, here is our pick of the top 3 comforters.


1.  Bamboo Comforters

Bamboo comforters ranked #1 on our list of the best comforters for 2 reasons:

Comfort: Bamboo comforters are incredibly soft and breathable. Bamboo is softer than cotton and as smooth as silk, giving you the best of both worlds.

Bamboo is also twice as breathable as cotton, meaning that you will be more comfortable temperature-wise. This is because breathability equals less humidity trapped in your bed. Less humidity means that you won’t get as cold in the winter or as hot in the summer, making a bamboo comforter perfect for any season.

Durability: Bamboo comforters made from premium bamboo are surprisingly durable. Premium bamboo won’t pill and tear like traditional bedding, which means your bamboo comforter will look new for years.

Additionally, premium bamboo comforters stretch the long-strand bamboo fibers across the enter length of the comforter. This means that the stuffing of your comforter won’t gather and bunch like traditional comforters.

Comfort and durability aren’t the only advantages bamboo has over other comforters. Bamboo comforters are also naturally hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. When you pair your bamboo comforter with bamboo bed sheets and a bamboo duvet cover, you’re ready to relax in the ultimate bed of comfort and luxury.

For more information on the advantages of bamboo bedding, read The Advantages of Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets and Comforters.

2. Silk Comforters

Silk comforters rank #2 on our list because they have many of the same benefits of bamboo. They’re high-quality, breathable, and the epitome of luxury. However, silk comforters have two distinct disadvantages to bamboo comforters. First, they are very slippery and second, they are very difficult to clean.

If you’ve fallen in love with a silk comforter, you can easily avoid these two disadvantages. The first option is to buy a silk comforter that combines the benefits of both bamboo and silk by encasing 100% long-strand mulberry silk in a 100% premium bamboo shell. This allows you to have the luxury of silk and the softness of bamboo without any of the slippage.

The second option is to protect your silk comforter with a bamboo duvet cover. A bamboo duvet cover eliminates the slipperiness of silk and is easy to wash. You can just take the bamboo duvet cover off and throw it into the washing machine. It’s that easy!

3. Down Comforters

If you’re looking for a winter comforter, down comforters are a great option. Down comforters are made from soft goose or duck feathers, which helps them to retain heat and stay warm all night long.

However, many people are allergic to the feathers in down comforters. Also, many down comforters are mixed with rougher feathers to bring the price down so be careful if you choose a down comforter for your bedding.

If you’ve decided to invest in the best comforter, visit Cozy Earth and check out their premium bamboo comforter and bamboo bed sheets (available in king, queen, and twin size bamboo sheets).


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