Thread Count Matters: How To Select An Organic Comforter Or Pillow

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Okay, so you know a lot about the benefits of natural bedding. Assuming that you do, you would be also owning one. So, how has your experience been so far, resting on this kind of bedding? Do you experience a better sleep or are just thinking that you have been fooled by some sort of marketing gimmick on going eco-friendly?

In case you feel that you haven’t experienced anything different sleeping on bedding, probably you don’t know your bedding as much as you really thought you knew about it. Purchasing a bamboo comforter is a science. Well, let’s call it that because there are certain technicalities that you need to look into while purchasing eco-friendly bedding. The first thing, which by the matter of priority is also the most important thing to check while purchasing a comforter, is the thread count in it.

To put it simply, the thread count is responsible for the comfort that you experience sleeping on the bedding. A high thread count in bedding like that made of bamboo equals more restfulness and therefore a better sleep. Therefore, if you are purchasing bamboo comforters with a low thread count, you would definitely not have experienced the goodness of a nice sleep when sleeping over/under it. The following will help you better while picking bamboo bedding or any other comforter:

1. 100 to 200 counts. If your comforter has a thread count ranged between this range, it will feel rough. This low quality bedding is not right for sleeping on. Therefore, you should not purchase it unless you like sleeping on coarse bedding.

2. 200 to 400. This a thread count range that is termed as ‘standard’ The higher on the range you go, the better the quality of the comforter gets. Bedding with this thread count is comfortable.

3. 100 to 500: These sheets spell luxury. Not only are they the softest but are also priced heftily. You can leave it to the hotels or can buy one that you can use sparingly.

4. 500 and Above: Anything in this range is only a marketing gimmick. There is nothing above the luxury range and don’t believe anyone selling you sheets over the thread count of 500 for an exorbitant amount of money.

Now that you know what it takes to purchase a good comforter of material, check the internet for more information on buying bamboo comforter. You should have a good amount of information in hand prior to heading out to the market for making a purchase.


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