Three Reasons To Choose Bamboo Comforter Covers

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The tensile strength of bamboo first caught the eye of Thomas Edison, almost a century ago, when he used it to create bulb wires in several of his experiments. Ever since, technological advancements have facilitated drastic improvements in the quality and use of bamboo fibers. These plants are now utilized to create a variety of products, including clothes, furniture, and even bamboo bed linens.

Bamboo Comforter Cover


One of the most popular textile products made out of bamboo is the bamboo comforter cover. Here are some of the benefits of using it:

Thermal Regulating And Soft

Bamboo comforter covers are known to be four times softer than the smoothest cotton, and feel similar to cashmere or silk. They have a very smooth surface that is so well aligned and soft that it does not irritate human skin. The cross-section of bamboo fiber contains micro-holes and micro-gaps, which in turn offer a high degree of ventilation and moisture absorption. Such great features enable bamboo comforter covers to be thermal regulatable to keep you warmer, drier, and odor free during the winters.

Naturally Anti-microbial

Unlike other fabrics that require chemical treatments, covers made of bamboo fibers are anti-microbial and need no harmful chemicals. They contain an agent known as "bamboo Kun" that stops bacteria from breeding on them.

These covers are also great for allergy sufferers who have a tendency of waking up with a runny nose or itchy eyes due to an allergic reaction to other fabrics.


These covers are machine washable and can be cleaned with normal detergents. However, it is advised to use , eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure long-term benefits.

In case you're interested in buying bamboo comforter covers for your house, whether for their aesthetic charm, Eco friendliness or their hypoallergenic and antimicrobial qualities, you should check with a good department store near you. You can also buy these bedding online through one of the websites that sell 100% bamboo sheets and covers. You are bound to find something that will appeal to you and your requirements.


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