To Skimp or Not to Skimp: Resisting the Urge to “Go Cheap” on Twin Size Bedding

Posted by Cody Wirth on

When approaching twin size bedding for a child or single adult, there is huge temptation to mistake owning smaller sized bed means it requires lesser priced bedding. In actuality, when it comes to what you put on your bed, the size of what you’re sleeping on shouldn’t change the quality or healthy nature of your bedding. People sleeping on twins deserve a good nights rest too!

Superior bedding is not just a lavish luxury, it is a necessity for enjoying a healthy night’s sleep and being a productive kid or adult during the day. Premium Bamboo from Cozy Earth is one of the newest and most innovative products to give you a good night’s rest and provide the comfort that everyone needs and deserve. Best of all, they provide they’re entire line of Premium Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo bedding in twin size!


Bamboo Twin Sheets
Bamboo Twin Sheets


Bamboo Twin Sheets provide the utmost comfort and luxurious feel to a young person or adult who is looking to enhance their sleep experience. The upgrades in sleep include temperature regulation through significantly reduced humidity, hypoallergenic benefits, and added softness.

Price Point

Cozy Earth Bamboo Twin Sheets are also priced at a reasonable price point, making it affordable to purchase for young people in your family or even individuals who are starting careers, or enjoying a quiet and restful retirement.Cozy Earth has managed to provide the finest bamboo bedding at the most competitive prices while making no concessions in quality or feel.

Another great thing about having a set of Bamboo Twin Sheets is the fact that bamboo sheets wash well in a conventional washing machine and are truly low maintenance. You can purchase a set for your kids and teenagers and rest assured that they’ll hold up and will be easy to clean. Cozy Earth’s bamboo are also dryer friendly and will come out softer after each wash. For those who experience allergies Cozy Earth bedding can do even more, by not harboring dust mites or allergens, they help reduce the common symptoms associated with sleeping in unhealthy bedding. They also protect against bed bugs which has been a huge problem in the East and Midwest and within hotels.

Next time you’re considering bedding for your’s or your children twin size beds, consider the benefits of not skimping on quality just because it’s not a King or Queen. Resist the temptation to hastily settle on big box bedding, blindly sourced by trade companies and middle men, and unfocused on sustainability or enduring quality. Visit to see the wonderful options and alternatives that will enhance your sleep and therefore improve your quality of life.

Cozy Earth is world's foremost source of high-quality, authentic bamboo bed linens.