Why Bamboo Sheets Are A Healthy Alternative?

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Asians have been exploiting the qualities of bamboo for centuries and the trend is fast catching up with the western world. The latest use of this sustainable resource is in manufacturing beddings.

Bamboo Bed Sheets


Bamboo sheets are created with 100% natural and bamboo. The plant requires absolutely no pesticides or herbicides and is believed to be the most sustainable natural fibers available today. During the harvest of bamboo none of the roots are taken out. The shoots are sliced like grass and are known to regenerate extremely quickly.

Medical Conditions:

Bamboo bed sheets are a great alternative for people with medical conditions such as allergies or bad immune system. This is because the plant has several antibacterial properties that enable it to eliminate and repel any bacteria that might damage the grass itself. Once this bamboo has been transformed into a sheet, it still maintains these antibacterial qualities.

Good For Women Suffering Through Menopause:

Another big reason why people switch to bamboo is because the fabric can easily adjust to body temperatures. The plant’s fiber contains cross sections packed with micro-gaps and micro-holes. This gives the fabric the ability to soak up moisture four times more that cotton. The same characteristic gives the fabric remarkable wicking capabilities. It is the best bedding for people who experience night sweats.

Bamboo bedding does not just allow for the human body to breathe but can also help keep in the warmth if the temperatures get low. They provide the best balance of heat while sleeping.

Low Maintenance:

Users can also save money and time on laundering their bed on a weekly basis. Due to the antibacterial qualities of bamboo, it does not require washing so often. This fabric can go for longer stretches of time without the problem of bacterial build-up. However, if one still wishes to wash the sheets regularly, there’s no need to worry about damaging the bedding.

Bamboo fiber sheets have a very silky, soft texture that feels amazing against the skin. Due to this quality, the sheets are soothing and comfortable, and because they simply slide on the skin, bamboo linens never make the user feel confined. This in turn assists in enjoying an undisturbed, deep sleep.