Why Choose Bamboo duvet Covers?

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A lot of people wonder how to choose the best duvet covers. What should be the thread count and quality? The truth is the key to understanding cloth is the knowledge that thread count is not the only factor that must be considered. The basic and the most essential starting point is the content of the fiber. Why is this important? Because poor fiber content and quality means poor quality covers.


Bamboo Duvet CoverBamboo Duvet Cover



As per experts, the best duvets are created out of bamboo and are extremely comfortable. Apart from being soft and smooth bamboo duvet covers are also environmentally friendly, a rare quality in fabrics. Here are some other features of this linen that make it so likable:

Hypo-allergenic: Silky soft, luxurious and lightweight, good for sensitive skin.

Antibacterial: Bamboo fibers have natural antibacterial protection that wicks away excessive moisture for complete comfort.

Health Safety: Bamboo is cultivated without using insecticides. The fabric is known to be more breathable than cotton.

Optimum temperature: Bamboo duvet covers maintain a very balanced temperature to ensure sound sleeping, keeping the user warm during winters and cool during the summer.

Renewability: Bamboo is essentially a renewable resource. It grows quickly, and cannot be depleted. There is absolutely no need to harm animals to create these comfortable and beautiful beddings. Silk and cashmere cannot boast of such qualities.

Long lasting: Bamboo fibers are eco-friendly, breathable, and natural. They have no pilling problems like other materials do and this makes them last longer.

Bamboo Vs Cotton Duvet Covers:

Pure cotton covers tend to hold heat. As the body temperature of the user rises during sleep, moisture generates which in turn builds germs and bacteria. Bamboo duvet covers stabilize body temperature and breathe well; assisting duvet covers to remain fresh for longer. The rayon in bamboo never sticks to the body and is very soft to touch. Bamboo duvet covers also need less laundering than 100% cotton.

Bamboo fibers are now being used with Egyptian fabric to offer the ultimate choice in comfort and luxury bedding. These linens possess all the qualities of Egyptian fabric plus the attractive features of bamboo.


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