Why Expecting Mothers Love Bamboo Sheets

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The moment you find out you’re pregnant, your world turns upside down. Even if you’ve been trying to conceive for months, all of a sudden it becomes real– You’re having a baby. This is really happening. You’re going to be a mother to a sweet little angel. All of your hopes and dreams have come true.

The Pregnancy Stories

However, bringing that bundle of joy into this world is no easy process. No doubt, all of your friends who are mothers have regaled you with horror stories from their own pregnancies.

For example, your best friend told you about how she felt like she was in a sauna her entire pregnancy because she was so hot. Then your mother-in-law remembered how she didn’t have a good night’s sleep for nine months straight and that was before the baby was born! Finally, you can’t even count how many times you’ve heard your sister complain about the horrible headaches she had with her third child.

In fact, those are the tame tales! You don’t even want to get started on the brutal birthing stories everyone just had to share with you. When it’s all said and done, it seems like all of the “advice” you’ve received has only distorted your dream come true and turned it into a frightening nightmare.

The Solution

Don’t worry. Take a breath. Most of the stories you’ve heard are blown way out of proportion. Yes, pregnancy is difficult and uncomfortable, but there are things that you can do to alleviate some of the symptoms. For instance, have you ever thought about sleeping under bamboo bed sheets to make your pregnancy more comfortable?

You’re probably thinking, “Bamboo sheets? How can bed sheets possibly make a difference if you’re pregnant?” Well, bamboo sheets could have improved your best friend, mother-in-law, and sister’s symptoms. It’s hard to believe, I know, so let’s look at how bamboo helps ease these pains of pregnancy below.

Bamboo Sheets Prevent Overheating

When you’re pregnant, your hormones kick into overdrive and flood your body to create the ideal environment for your developing child. Unfortunately, these hormones elevate your body temperature, making it more difficult to stay cool. This situation is especially true when you’re trying to sleep.

So, how do bamboo bed sheets help keep you cool at night? These sheets prevent you from overheating because of their incredible wicking ability. As a matter of fact, bamboo wicks moisture at twice the rate of cotton, decreasing the humidity in your bed by 50%. Less humidity means that less heat is reflected back to you and you stay at the perfect temperature all night long.

Bamboo Sheets Lull You into a Deep Sleep

Staying at a comfortable temperature all night is the first step in getting the rest you need. After all, if you’re repeatedly waking up to kick the covers off to cool down, you’re quality of sleep decreases dramatically. That’s why staying cool under bamboo bedding is so important when you’re trying to fall into a deep sleep that lasts the night.

Yet, you don’t want a bed set that only keeps you cool; you want one that’s soft and cozy too! For example, if your bedding is cool, but rough and scratchy, then you’ll never use it. It’s hard enough finding a comfortable position to sleep in when you’re pregnant. You don’t need your sheets grating against your skin all night as well!

However, bamboo bed sheets have you covered in that respect. Organic bamboo sheets and comforters are so soft and smooth that you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a bed fit for a queen. When you have a cozy, luxurious bed to sleep in, you’re more likely to go to bed earlier and fall into a deeper, better quality of sleep sooner.

Moreover, bamboo has a plush feel to it. As a result, your bamboo bedding provides a soft, cushiony layer for you to wrap yourself up in. When you’re lounging on a soft, billowy bed of bamboo, it’s easier to find a comfy position to sleep in even when you’re pregnant. Once you find that perfect position, you’ll be able to sleep all night long.

Bamboo Sheets Reduce Headaches

Lastly, bamboo sheets can help reduce your headaches when you’re pregnant because they remove the cause of these headaches: fatigue. As we’ve discussed above, it’s difficult to have a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant. You’re too hot, the sheets are rubbing up against you the wrong way, or you can’t find a comfortable position. As a result, you don’t sleep well, which leads to fatigue headaches.

Yet, bamboo bedding solves all these problems! As explained earlier, bamboo keeps you cool by reducing the humidity in your bed. It’s soft, smooth texture soothes your skin and its plush feel cushions your body, helping you to find the perfect position. All of these qualities help you sleep peacefully all night long and wake up refreshed in the morning. Consequently, your fatigue headaches disappear. No wonder expecting mothers love bamboo sheets!

Now that you know how turn your bed into a cozy haven while you’re pregnant, it’s time to start thinking about your baby’s bed. Your baby can enjoy all of these same benefits with bamboo crib sheets. If you want to discover more about the benefits of bamboo crib sheets, read The Best Quality Crib Sheets for Your Baby.


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