Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming

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What’s the best bedding for winter? That’s easy – bamboo sheets and a bamboo comforter!

Bamboo is ideal for cold climates because of its incredible ability to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. It’s soft, plush fibers envelope you in a cloud of comfort, helping you become cozy and warm as you drift off to sleep. Yet, you never overheat when you sleep under bamboo bedding. It vents off any extra heat so you never become too hot like you do under cotton, fleece, or goose down bed sets.

Temperature Regulating

So, how exactly does bamboo keep you at the ideal temperature? Well, bamboo works with your body’s natural processes to keep you cool rather than fighting against them like conventional bedding.

Normally, your body tries to cool you down by sweating when you become too hot. The reason sweating cools you down is because as the water gathers on your skin, it evaporates. As it evaporates, it carries the extra heat away from your body.

However, conventional bed sets disrupt this process. Instead of allowing your sweat to evaporate naturally, it traps all of that moisture in the bed with you. The humidity rises and more of your body heat is reflected back to you than ever before. You start sweating even more and you just keep getting hotter and hotter until you overheat, jerking awake and kicking the covers away from you as fast as you can. After a few minutes, you’re left shivering in the cold winter air. You pull the blankets back over you and the cycle begins all over again. How are you ever supposed to get a good night’s sleep when you’re waking up multiple times just to adjust your covers?

In contrast, bamboo works with your body. It allows your body heat and sweat to evaporate. In fact, bamboo wicks moisture away at twice the rate of cotton, reducing the humidity in your bed by an amazing 50%! When you snooze under bamboo, your body warms up to the perfect temperature and stays at that temperature. To discover more, read How Bamboo Regulates Your Temperature.

Soft, Cozy Comfort

While keeping you perfectly warm is your top priority when shopping for winter bedding, comfort is also very important. After all, you spend more time curled up in bed in the winter than you do in the summer. Yet, bamboo wins hands down in the comfort category too!

Think about it – cheap cotton bedding is scratchy and rough whenever you slide into it. Fleece is soft and fuzzy, but always wears out quickly. Before winter is over, your toes are becoming caught in tiny holes and the threadbare fabric grates against your skin. Finally, the sharp daggers of goose down feathers poke and prod you throughout the night, making it impossible to sleep.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is as soft and smooth as silk. You gently glide in between bamboo sheets and you can’t wait to snuggle plush, fluffy cloud that is your bamboo comforter. When you’re bed feels like heaven, it’s easy to get cozy and comfortable.

However, you don’t have to take our word for it! We are so sure that you’ll LOVE our bamboo bedding, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So, buy bamboo sheets and a bamboo comforter today! You won’t regret it!


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