Your search for the world's finest bamboo sheets is over

Here's why...

Cozy Earth poses a simple question. Why would you ever spend money on lackluster bamboo again?

For over a decade, Cozy Earth has been a trusted authority on authentic, premium-quality bamboo sheets worldwide.

6 Reasons why these bamboo sheets are the best

  • Industry leading softness in both hand and drape
  • Enhanced breathability and temperature control through exclusive weave and fiber.
  • 100% premium bamboo only. No blends or substitutes.
  • Exclusive suppliers from bamboo forests to finished product.
  • Certified free of harmful chemicals. Naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Oprah's Favorite Bedding. The choice of celebrities and interior designers worldwide.

Take a look at this explainer video by our founder, Tyler Howells.

Avoid Pitfalls Of “run-of-the-mill” Bamboo Sheets

Not all bamboo sheets are created equal. Did you know that most bamboo sheets (like cotton) are made in the same factories?

Other bamboo companies...

  • Buy from the same middlemen factories
  • Have nothing unique to offer. Focus on cheapness over quality.
  • Can't verify the absence of harmful chemicals
  • Can't confirm the authenticity or quality of bamboo used
  • Suffer from lower-grade softness and was performance
  • Fake "bamboo sheets" by blending with polyester or cotton
  • Make scientific claims without verifying whether it applies

The Genius behind Cozy Earth Premium Bamboo Sheets

Unique, custom weave, exclusive to Cozy Earth offers superior softness and drape you can feel! Guaranteed not to pill or discolor.
Responsibly sourced from our own proprietary supply chain. Free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.
Stain-resistant, easy to wash and dry. No fabric softener or bleach necessary.
Generously sized to easily fit all sleepers and deep pocket mattresses.
Half as humid and degrees cooler than traditional cotton or down feather.

And if that wasn't enough Cozy Earth offers a 100 night sleep trial to experience their Premium Bamboo Sheets risk free! If you don't love it, return it for a full refund.

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Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets are guaranteed to help you say goodbye to:

      Hot Flashes
      Night Sweats
      Feeling Chilly
      Allergy Symptoms
      Bed Bugs

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