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The Bamboo Duvet Cover

Keeping your comforter incredibly soft, temperature regulating, and protected year-round.

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"Softest bedding ever!"


10+ Years of R&D
Dramatically Softer Fabric and Weave
Enhanced drape
Luxury that exceeds your wildest dreams

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Say goodbye to:
hot flashes, night sweats, kicking off the covers
2x increased breathability and temperature regulation

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Certified free of harmful chemicals
Delivered in beautiful re-usable packaging
Direct-Source transparent supply chain
USDA Certified Organic farms

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The science behind Cozy Earth's Bamboo Duvet Cover

Cozy Earth's exclusive, amazingly soft Premium Bamboo Fabric.
Stain-resistant and easy to wash and dry. Easily handles pets and even toddlers.
Designed with anchor-ties that secure to our comforter loop that stop shifting.
Half as humid and degrees cooler than traditional cotton or down feather.
Envelope close for easy access and washing.

Worry-free, guaranteed!

We are so confident you'll love our products you can try anything risk free for 100 nights. Don't love it? Return it for a full refund. Stop wondering, and start experiencing the Cozy Earth difference.

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10 Year
& Dye-Free
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Softest ever, ever, ever.

Down feather, cotton, poly, you name it. These sheets are softer than any other sheets… GUARANTEED!

The perfect temperature

Other sheets trap heat and humidity. These sheets sleep COOLER and less humid, no matter who you are.

Safe & non-toxic

We choose our own suppliers and make sure our bedding is tested free of harmful chemicals, always.


Natural Materials

Natural materials sourced from USDA Certified Organic Farms and Agriculture.

Non-toxic fibers

Patented viscose from bamboo and silk tested free of harmful chemicals and pesticide-free.

Woven to prefection

Exclusive weave designed softer, stronger, and more temperature regulating.

Softness and drape

Oprah calls them, "The softest sheets, ever!" Superior hand and drape envelope you in luxury.

Cozy Earth is better in every way.


Premium quality weave, enhanced drape, highest possible thread count and long lasting durability.

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Degrees cooler, half as humid, perfect for hot-flashes, night sweats and couples with different temps.

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No dyes & tested free of harmful chemicals with verifiable certification.

x x x

Strictly sourced from USDA certified organic farms with re-usable packaging.

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You’ll spend 3,500 hours
in bed this year. Let's make it better.


Frequently asked Questions

Our duvet covers are super easy to put on, you just need to know the trick.

First, all of our duvet covers come with handy snap ties at the corners and midpoints that perfectly match up to anchor loops on our comforters. Once you secure them, the comforter will never shift or move inside the duvet cover. 

Second, for the easiest way to put on the duvet cover follow the steps below:

1. Turn duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed with the opening at the top of the bed. 

2. Lay your comforter on top. 

3. Connect all ties from the duvet cover to the matching loops on the comforter. 

4. Start and the bottom and roll the comforter and the connected duvet cover towards the opening of the duvet cover at the top of the bed. 

5. Once you're rolled all the way up to the duvet cover opening, reach inside the opening, grab the entire roll and pull it through the opening and then unroll it. 

6. Your duvet cover is now right-side out and the comforter is secure on the inside.

Call or live chat us if you have any trouble. We're here to help!

No all bamboo sheets the same. Similar to other textiles, there is every type of quality from terrible to unbelievably great.  So, resist the urge judge Cozy Earth as just another  “bamboo sheets” company. We only focus on producing the “unbelievably great” and avoid everything else. This is part of what has helped us develop a fiercely loyal customer base. We can’t speak for the other companies’ bamboo, but we have gone to great lengths through certifications and first-hand verifications that our bamboo fabric and fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria. It is also temperature regulating, by wicking moisture when you sleep. Under our bedding you sleep at least 50% less humid and 2-3 degrees  cooler.

Bacteria likes moisture and our sheets and comforters don’t retain moisture like cotton. They also have also been tested inhospitable to bacteria such as streptococcus. You know how your clothes can become damp when you sweat? Cotton and down feather bedding become damp as well when you sweat at night. That warm, moist environment is the perfect climate for bacteria to thrive. Cozy Earth bedding doesn’t retain that type of humidity, it’s more breathable, and cleaner too!


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