Bamboo Bedding at Great Prices

Our signature bamboo fabric is woven from the softest smoothest bamboo fiber available today, hand-crafted
and thoroughly inspected to provide the highest level of quality. At Cozy Earth you can find
the best in bamboo bedding at a great price.

Don?t Settle for Anything Less.

Cozy Earth has a patent pending on our unique products because we are consistently
producing the highest-quality, most comfortable, and cleanest bamboo bedding available.
Take a look at our collection and get yours today.

Best sheets ever!

I wanted to treat myself to the softest sheets I could find. I found your website and purchased my first set of bamboo sheets. They are absolutely heavenly. They are sc soft and my bed is known as the cozy bed." Worth every penny!
Review by Cajmyers ? 2/27/15


I used to love s eeping in luxury' hotel rooms but since I?ve been sleeping in these sheets at home, even the last 5 star hotel bed was a misery in compa-ison!
Review by timbr'n ? 1/8/15

Wonderful product! 3 years + counting

This comforter has exceeded all expectations. It is extremely comfortable.I don't get as hot or sweat as much as with a down comforter. It has a good "weight * to it and feels extra cozy without adding heat. I have had this comforter for over 3 years now and have used it as my only comforter. It is very high quality and looks/fee s the same as when I bought it.
Review by Kellyn ? 1/16/15