Why Cozy Earth

Not all bamboo sheets are created equal. Like other textiles, the quality of bamboo bedding ranges from passable to unbelievably great. Cozy Earth has gone to great lengths to produce premium bamboo bedding that brings room comfort to another level.

Superior Softness

Made from a 100% premium bamboo fabric shell, our products are amazingly soft—much more so than your favorite cotton bedsheets and comforters. It is the reason people know us as the supplier of the world’s softest bamboo bedding. More interestingly, our bamboo bedding isn't only superior in its softness; it's also superior in its durability. Our bamboo bedding products can stay incredibly soft and fluffy for years, especially with proper care.

Perfect Temperature

With Cozy Earth’s bamboo bedding, you won’t find yourself kicking off covers when the heat becomes unbearable. The long-strand bamboo fibers make the material very breathable, reducing moisture and humidity whenever you’re under the covers. This makes our products ideal for warm sleepers, as well as for women who experience night sweats and hot flashes.

This, however, doesn’t mean that our bamboo sheets only work during the summer; they are perfect for any season and any weather. They keep you cool during the hottest nights, but they envelop you in warmth all throughout wintertime, as well.

Premium Quality

We make sure every product we create is of premium quality. After all, we stay true to our name. Our bedding is derived only from sustainable, pesticide-free, and top-quality bamboo materials. So, our products are not only soft and breathable, but they’re naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial and available only in white. This way, we keep your family from any harmful dyes or excess chemicals used to color fabric.

When it comes to the comfort of your family, you should trust only the best. Get one of our bamboo sheets today and let your loved ones enjoy a full, restful sleep each night!

Order online or give us a call if you have any questions.