5 of the Very Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

By Riley Seymour | Sep 27, 2017

5 of the Very Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

By Riley Seymour | Sep 27, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of what to give the wonderful woman in your life. Yet, Valentine’s gifts can be tricky. It’s hard to come up with the perfect present that shows her how much you love her.

To help you out, here are 5 creative gift ideas that are sure to sweeten your sweetheart’s day.

  1. Bamboo Bedding

Are you looking to get cozy with your loved one this Valentine’s? Then give your lucky lady a beautiful set of bamboo bedding! Whether it’s a bamboo blanketbed sheets, or a comforter, she’ll feel like a goddess when she sleeps under the soft, silky texture of bamboo.

Oat-colored bamboo sheet set from Cozy Earth

Moreover, if you buy your bamboo bedding from Cozy Earth, you don’t need to worry about finding the right pattern or design to go with your wife or girlfriend’s decorating taste. All of Cozy Earth’s bedding comes in a crisp, clean white that will never gray or yellow and will go with everything!

However, if you know she wants a bed set with a little bit of color, bamboo bedding is still a fantastic present. You just need to break your Valentine’s Day gift into two parts. First, you give her the luxurious, high quality bedding that she always wanted, but never been able to justify buying for herself (especially if you have kids). Then, you offer to take her shopping for the duvet cover of her choice. She gets to pick out the design she really wants and you get to give the perfect present – it’s a win-win for everyone!

  1. A Trip to the Spa

In addition to a good night’s sleep in a luxurious bed, what a woman really wants is some time to relax. After all, she works, cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids – when does she have time to slow down and take care of herself? Consequently, one of the best gifts you can give her is to book her some time off and send her to the spa. While this present is a tad cliché, it’s cliché for a reason.

Woman laying down getting massage

So, which spa should you send her to? One option is Massage Envy. They were ranked as America’s #1 spa franchise in 2017 and they have locations in all 50 states. Additionally, their prices are relatively cheap while still receiving good reviews.

To book your loved one a relaxing time at the spa, visit www.massageenvy.com today!

  1. The Collectible Edition of Her Favorite Book

Does your girl equate reading with relaxing? Then give her the collectible edition of her favorite book! Barnes and Noble has a fantastic collectible series of the classics. With their gold leafing and embossed covers, your bookworm’s eyes will light up at the sight of her new treasure.

Stack of books with open book on top

If you’re not sure which to give her, here are a few good choices:

After all, how could she not think of you as her Mr. Darcy or prince charming after giving her one of these gorgeous books?

  1. Flower of the Month Club

Cluster of light pink orchids hanging down

If books aren’t really her thing, everyone loves flowers. Yet, flowers aren’t really a surprise on Valentine’s Day. So, how do you take your darling’s breath away with this traditional gift? By giving her a membership to the Flower of the Month Club!

When your sweetheart is a member of the Flower of the Month Club, Amazing Clubs sends her a gorgeous bouquet of exotic, in-season flowers every month. As each new bouquet arrives, you’ll show your partner that you love them not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day of the year.

  1. Mug with a Message

All of our suggestions so far have been rather grand gestures, so let’s end with a present that’s more light-hearted. What’s a quirky gift to start your Valentine’s Day festivities on a fun note and bring a smile to your girl’s face?

You're So Lucky to Have Me coffee mug

Try giving your girlfriend a coffee mug with the message “You’re So Lucky to Have Me” inscribed on it! Imagine her surprise and laughter when she gets her morning jolt. You can make this gift yourself or buy it from etsy.com.

What other great gift ideas can you think of? Post in the comments below and help a brother out.

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