Hi, we're Cozy Earth...

Mission Statement

Build the best product, know every supplier, cause no unnecessary harm, and serve the customer always.

The Story

My wife and I sleep at different temperatures. It’s a familiar story that plays out in millions of homes across the globe: one is hot, the other’s cold, and truthfully, most bedding is not great.

Years ago, on one of my adventures overseas, I discovered a solution to this age-old problem and it came from the earth. Using the Mandarin language, I crazily set out to build a collection of luxury bedding that was truly great. It's unique, better researched, carefully made, softer, stronger, and the perfect temperature.

Early on, it was clear we had something special. Customers slept more soundly. without stirring,  and at the perfect temperature. Elated, they shared about us with friends...and it continues today.

Our Values and Approach

Being the best, requires a habit of continuous quality-seeking, while providing practical utility along with extra value along the way. Never satisfied, never done, always improving, always innovating. It can’t only be the softest or prettiest, it must do more!

Our values reflect those of a business built by a surfer, musician, and father of three who prefers humble simplicity, minimalist style, and outstanding quality that speaks for itself. We detest posers. We believe those in generations past had the right idea about products: If you’re going to build it, take your time and make it last, make it excellent, and love the customer.

To us, life is not about money.  We believe it's about living well, living right, and serving others. It’s at the core of every product we craft and it’s in our heart at the end of each day when we lay our families down to sleep.

Thank you for your continued love and support of what we do. It is an honor to have you as part of the Cozy Earth family!

Stay Cozy!

Tyler Howells

Founder/President of Cozy Earth