What To Do With Old Bed Sheets?

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 18, 2019

What To Do With Old Bed Sheets?

By Kelsi Hicken | Oct 18, 2019

When Is It Time to Throw Out Old Bed Sheets?

After a while sheets can accumulate stains and discolor. Cheap sheets can pill and threads can come undone. If you're not using a strong detergent, fabric can even start to smell stale and you'll feel like you can't fully remove odor from them even after a wash. The silver lining? It's time for new sheets! Why not treat yourself to a pair of long-lasting sheets made of viscose from bamboo? The 10 year guarantee means you won't have to buy sheets for years and you'll be able to replace old bedding.


Dark room with sunlight streaming in through window onto wrinkled sheets

5 Reasons to Throw Out, Donate, or Recycle Old Sheets

1. Stains and discoloration

2. Musty smell

3. Décor change

4. Build-up of bacteria, etc.

5. They're just plain old


Not Sure What To Do With Old Bed Sheets?

If you don't want to throw out old bedding but you're unsure what to do with old bed sheets, consider some of these greener options. 


Donate old bed sheets

If your old bedding has just lost its flair or doesn't match your new decor, don't chuck them out - donate! Donating bed sheets to your local Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, or other charity shops can be a great way to repurpose bedding instead of throwing it away, plus it gives people the chance to purchase bedding at a discount. As long as your bedding isn't dirty or stained, feel free to donate it to charities, shelters, or blanket drives.


Recycle old bed sheets

Some companies take donated fabric in the form of clothing and bed sheets so they can recycle and repurpose the material. Makers and crafters might also be interested in old bedding that they can use for projects. If you're trying to live a greener lifestyle, look for creative ways to use bedding instead of letting it build up in a landfill.



Paint cans, paintbrushes, and paint splatters on an old sheet or cloth

Need something to protect your floor while you paint? Old, stained, bed sheets make perfect ground cover for when you you're repainting walls. Use them as a ground cover to catch any drops instead of ruining your carpet or rug. You can also use old dirty bed sheets to cover up furniture to protect them from paint drops. Moving a bunch of furniture that needs to be covered? Use old bedding to wrap and protect furniture, glassware, or other items during a move.

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