5 Reasons to Throw Your Old Sheets Out

By Ciera Belyea | Oct 18, 2019

5 Reasons to Throw Your Old Sheets Out

By Ciera Belyea | Oct 18, 2019

Why did Oprah choose Cozy Earth as Her FAVORITE bedding?

1. Sweat Free Guarantee

Never sweat in bed again. Wait, did you read that correct? With Cozy Earth bedding, you will always sleep at the perfect temperature, no sweat involved. 

2. Organic Comfort

Our organically grown bamboo fabric is what really makes us different. Chemical, toxin, and dye free - Cozy Earth bedding is not only beneficial to your body, it’s helping the earth by helping water conservation, and the disuse of toxic fertilizers.

3. Incredibly Soft

We’re confident in saying that you’ve never felt (let alone slept!) on anything as soft and smooth as Cozy Earth Bedding. With sleep being the most important factor in overall health, Cozy Earth guarantees you will be sleeping more comfortable than you’ve ever slept before. 

4. Over 4,000 5-star reviews

We’ve put our product to the test. With over 4,000 5-star reviews, hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and being chosen as Oprah’s Favorite Thing;
it’s testament to the amazing product we’ve built and the happy customers who refer our product.

5. Seamless Quality

It’s incredible soft.. it’s guaranteed to be sweat free.. it’s organic, but just how great is the quality? With celebrities around the world sleeping night after night in Cozy Earth bedding, the quality speaks for itself the second it arrives on your doorstep.
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