Are Scrunchies Really Better for Your Hair?

By Riley Seymour | Dec 27, 2022

Are Scrunchies Really Better for Your Hair?

By Riley Seymour | Dec 27, 2022

Why does it seem so hard to find decent hair ties? They snap at the most inconvenient time, they pull out hair, form unimaginable knots, and then they stretch out and lose their strength quicker than you’d expect. Keeping your hair up shouldn’t be so difficult, yet we struggle with finding a dependable way to hold ponytails, updos, and top knots.

Woman adjusting hair pulled back with scrunchie

Why Should You Choose Scrunchies?

You might be shaking your head but hear us out. Not only are scrunchies making a comeback, but they offer SO MANY benefits over simple hair ties.

1. Scrunchies are stylish

They come in different fabrics, patterns, and styles so you can use them to accessorize any outfit. They can be classy, or cute, and you can dress up a plain outfit with a bright or patterned scrunchy. Plus, you can even use them during a workout! Slip them onto your wrist and wear them as a bracelet when they’re not holding your hair since their cute styles can accent other jewelry pieces, too.

2. They’re gentler on hair

Scrunchies, especially ones made of bamboo viscose or silk, tangle and break hair less than regular hair ties. The buttery smooth fabric glides over your hair to prevent breakage, and since they’re thicker, they’re less prone to forming a tangled mess. Plus, you can easily pull them down a ponytail or undo a bun without worrying about snags. If you opt for a bamboo viscose or silk scrunchie, you’ll also notice that these fabrics don’t absorb or strip your hair of moisture, so they’re safe to wear at night.

3. Scrunchies are strong

Sick of your hair tie snapping or losing volume in buns or ponytails because of the thin band of a hair tie? Scrunchies have a strong internal band that’s covered with durable material, meaning they give extra lift and volume to ponytails, plus they make a sturdy base when securing a bun. Another plus is that even though scrunchies are strong, they tend not to leave hard creases the way a hair tie does since their bands are wider and cause less of an indentation.

4. Scrunchies are harder to lose

Do you ever feel like you have hair ties everywhere– your purse, your car, your nightstand, your desk, yet you can never seem to find one when you need it? Scrounging around for a thin hair tie can be a pain when you’re trying to quickly gather loose strands but it’s way harder to misplace a scrunchy. They’re larger so you don’t have to search deep into the crevices of your bag, plus they’re colorful and stand out more than a plain black band.

5. Scrunches are good for all hair types

Scrunchies can give thin hair a thicker appearance since their bulk can boost strands. Worried they’ll slip down? Simply add another twist to hold thinner hair. Whether your hair is as thick as a horse’s tail or as curly as a poodle, scrunchies can hold the extra weight or texture without causing static, fraying ends, or frizz.

Black, white, and grey scrunchies

Scrunchy Materials Matter

Have we convinced you to ditch those generic hair ties and upgrade to a premium, luxuriously smooth scrunchie? Like anything, there are higher quality options so think carefully when making the swap to scrunchies. Poorly constructed or weak materials can still cause as many problems as traditional hair elastics so make sure you choose a smoothing material, like bamboo viscose or silk, to really get the full benefits when you switch to scrunchies.

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