Guide to Buying the Right Bedding

Posted by Cody Wirth on

It is important to keep every single aspect of the product in mind when choosing bed linens. Here are a few important things to reflect on to make sure you buy the right bed sheets:

•    Thread Count
•    Fiber Content
•    Fabric Finish
•    Type of Weave
•    Recognizing Quality

Fiber Content

The best form of beddings is those that are made out of natural raw materials such as bamboo. Modal, Tencel, and rayon created from bamboo are some of the most recognizable fabrics available today. Bamboo fiber sheets often have similar qualities of natural fiber sheets and are normally more durable. They are soft, silky, extremely absorbent, and can be dyed in lively colors and some also have innate anti-bacterial properties.


Bamboo Fiber SheetsBamboo Fiber Sheets


Thread Count:

Due to advancements in weaving technology, thread counts can go up to 1200. Hence, the rule that more is better does not hold true. To attain thread counts that are more than 400, raw material is woven with multi-yarn insertions. During weaving, the basic kind of weave is the one in which each yarn crosses over alternately. When utilizing plied yarns, two or more yarns are coiled together to create a single yarn, which is then horizontally woven over under a vertical yarn. Multiple yarn inclusions are created with multiple single yarns, lined up horizontally alongside, and woven over a single vertical yarn. Such sheets are normally lighter in comparison to the ones made with multiple ply yarns.

Knowing the quality of the fibers is normally more important than only the thread count.

Weave Type:

The kind of weave used for the bedding plays an important role in the price and durability of the finished product. Essentially, there are three weaves used:

•    Plain weave
•    Twill weave
•    Sateen weave
•    Patterned weave


Besides considering the quality of the bamboo fiber sheets, below are some visual tips to keep in mind:

•    The fabric’s weave should be very firm.
•    The weave must be uniform
•    The color must look fresh and even

By giving a hard thought to such factors anyone can buy the right quality of bamboo fiber sheets.