Your Guide to Waffle Knit Fabric

By Riley Seymour | Nov 10, 2023

Your Guide to Waffle Knit Fabric

By Riley Seymour | Nov 10, 2023

You’ve probably seen the term “waffle knit” used in conjunction with blankets, towels, bathrobes, clothing, and more, but how familiar are you with it?

Below, we answer some of the top questions people have about waffle knit fabric.

What is waffle knit fabric?

What is waffle knit, exactly? Waffle knit fabric is the term used to describe textiles woven to make them look like a waffle’s grid or indentations (without the fancy toppings).

Plate of waffles with dish towel and flowers

What type of fabric is waffle knit?

Waffle knit can be comprised of cotton, microfiber, viscose from bamboo, and more. We might be biased, but we like cotton and viscose from bamboo waffle knit fabric the best.

Is waffle knit warm?

Yes, clothing, bedding, and bath products made from waffle knit fabric are especially great options for colder months because waffle knit is known for retaining heat and providing insulation. The waffle pattern is breathable, allowing air to flow out freely but blocking most of it from hitting your skin.

Waffle knit fabric made with cotton and viscose from bamboo, like we use at Cozy Earth, is temperature-regulating, making it ideal for colder months but also nice for milder climates.

Waffle knit vs. thermal – is there a difference?

The short answer: no. The terms “waffle knit” and “thermal” are used interchangeably to describe the same thing, though “thermal” refers to the fabric’s function (providing insulation), whereas “waffle knit” describes the type of weave and how it looks.

Waffle knit towel hanging on hook with white flowers and washcloths nearby

Are waffle-knit towels absorbent?

Yes! One of our favorite features of waffle knit fabric is that it is highly absorbent, making it an excellent choice for towels and washcloths. Not only does it absorb water well, but it also dries quickly.

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