How to Care for Your Bamboo Bedding

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

How to Care for Your Bamboo Bedding

By Cody Wirth | Sep 28, 2017

Bamboo sheets are some of the most comfortable bedding available. With a wide variety of benefits ranging from hypoallergenic properties to an increased level of comfort, bamboo bedding is becoming more and more popular. Other benefits include things such as the ability to wick away moisture—helping you regulate temperature more easily—as well as antimicrobial properties, which help keep your bedding healthier overall.

Another great benefit to bamboo bedding is how long it lasts. These sheets naturally last a long time due to the durability of bamboo fibers, but with some extra love and care, they can last even longer than you may think. In fact, repeated washing leads softer bamboo sheets, making them more comfortable than when you first bought them.

So, how exactly can you take the best care of your bamboo sheets so you get the most out of them? Here are some dos and don’ts you can follow to prolong your bamboo sheets’ life.

Don’t use bleach or vinegar when washing your bamboo sheets! The harsh properties of bleach and acidic qualities of vinegar can damage your sheets beyond repair. You will also want to avoid using detergents that are hydrogen peroxide based, like Boost or Oxy-clean. If you want to brighten or freshen up your bamboo sheets, use some baking powder in place of bleach or vinegar.

Do use cold water when washing your bamboo sheets. You’ll also want to wash them with similar colors or entirely separate from other pieces of laundry. If you’re using a washing machine, be sure to use a gentle cycle as to not put too much stress on the fabric. Of course, you can always wash by hand for optimal results, but this often isn’t practical for most people. Remember to wash your sheets before you use them for the first time.

Do use eco-friendly detergent and soap on your bamboo sheets. These kinds of detergents and soaps are gentler on the fabric and won’t damage them. Your soap should be a neutral pH and made for natural fibers. Anything too acidic will damage your bamboo sheets.

Do air-dry your bamboo sheets whenever possible. However, if air-drying is not possible, a machine dry will still work. If you decide to dry your sheets in a machine, be sure to use the low heat or delicate settings. You’ll also want to make sure your sheets only stay in the dryer as long as it takes for them to dry. Prolonged stays in the dryer can damage the sheets. Use the low heat settings on your iron as you iron the sheets after they come out of the dryer.

Don’t store wet bamboo sheets. Bamboo fibers are very absorbent, and storing your sheets when they are still damp can cause irreparable damage. As such, be sure your sheets are completely dry before folding them up and putting them away.

Do rotate between several pairs of bamboo sheets. You can never have too many sets of comfortable bedding! When one set gets dirty, replace it with another clean set to give the dirty set a break. As you rotate between sets, you will definitely prolong the life of every set of bamboo sheets you own.

Buying the Best Sheets

Quality-made bamboo bedding will naturally last a long time, but you can make the choice to extend that life even further and enjoy the comfort for many years to come. You can learn more about how long bamboo sheets will really last, but as long as you start with high quality materials, you can expect them to provide years of restful nights.

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