How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

By Riley Seymour | Apr 19, 2023

How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook

By Riley Seymour | Apr 19, 2023

In a world of over-scheduled calendars, we all need a place to escape. For some, it's a nature trail; for others, it's a gym. But what if the weather is dreary and the gym is overcrowded, or what if you just don't want to leave the house? On those days, curling up with a good book can provide the escape you desire and deserve. How do you make your journey of the mind even better? You can create a wonderfully cozy reading nook to set the mood.

Whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a sprawling old farmhouse in the country, every home has a little spot perfect for reading. Sometimes, you just have to get creative! Here are some of our favorite tips and cozy reading nook ideas:


Choose Your Cozy Reading Corner

The first step to creating your little reading sanctuary is to choose your spot. Do you have a small spare bedroom that's become the catch-all room in your house? Clean it out by donating the items you no longer use and organizing what's left. Then bring in comfortable seating and a side table to hold your favorite beverage, and a reading lamp. Adding a bookcase or wall shelves to display your favorite books will add to the ambiance and provide plenty of storage.

No spare room? Then, find an unused corner. Look at your home with a designer's eye. That awkward empty space behind the couch in your den, the funny little open area under the stairs, that corner of your bedroom near the picture window – any of these spaces work. All you need is enough room for a chair or a small bench and some light to read by. If you're having trouble finding a spot that feels private, a simple trick is to add a dressing screen to section off your space.

Other creative ideas we love are window seats, walk-in closets, the space at the end of an extra-wide hallway, or just inside a dormer window. If you're a fan of reading outside, cordon off a section of your balcony or porch to create a nice reading oasis.

Woman reading on the floor by the window


Reading Nook Décor

Once you've chosen where you'll create your escape, it's time to make it your sanctuary. As much as we love getting lost in a good book for hours, if you're not comfortable, it's difficult to stay entranced. To help, make sure the lighting you use is bright enough to read by without being too harsh. Add a variety of throw pillows, including large, plush cushions and a lumbar pillow to support you regardless of your preferred resting position. And don't forget to include an ultrasoft throw to keep you warm and cozy while your imagination explores new places and ideas.

Plush reading area with pillows and books

With a little creativity, it's easy to create a cozy reading nook in any home environment. Now all you have to do is choose which book in your to-be-read pile is up next!

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