How to Give Your Apartment Some Charm

How to Give Your Apartment Some Charm

Posted by Ciera Belyea on

You've just moved into your new apartment, and for some reason it's not what you'd always been envisioning. Well, good thing we're here to help!
Here are 7 Tips to Give Your Apartment Some Charm.

 1. Removable Wallpaper

 Small shops from around the country offer beautiful and unique removable wallpaper to add an accent wall to your new home. It wont harm the existing paint, is easy to apply, and can add your unique style to a bland space. Check out some of our favorite shops here -

Shop B Darling Decor HERE!

Shop B Darling Decor HERE!

Shop B Darling Decor HERE!

Shop Urban Walls HERE!
Shop Urban Walls HERE!

2. Adding Greenery

Add some youthful life to your place by adding in plants! Greenery will make you feel like the responsible adult you are. You've got to keep your eye on the little guy, making sure they've got enough water + sunlight. Plants will help purify the air in your apartment and add the perfect touch of color and height to the corner of any room. 

3. Bedding

Bedding has to be the most important part of any life transition. Perhaps boxes are still stacked to the ceiling, or maybe you're in a new city. One thing that can give the most comfort is the bedding you crawl into each night. Choose bedding that is beautiful, reliable, comfortable and brag-worthy. Cozy Earth offer's certified organic bamboo with the softest breathability you can ever imagine.
Try them out HERE by doing a 30-day trial.

4. Adding unique artwork.

Make the space your own - explore your style in artwork and interests. If you're anything like me, I have boxes of unhung art, waiting for their time to be showcased. If you don't have art that comes to mind, try exploring some fun shops like,, or
Order this print HERE!
Order this print HERE!

5. Up The Cozy

Blankets will make your couch or bed not only more comfortable, but also add an extra level of charm to your place. Look for blankets with added texture, unique colors, and varying warmth's. I'm the type of person that can never walk past a isle of blankets without reaching out and touching each one. Blankets are the best.

6. Books

Are you a book worm? If you are, ignore this section and take the initiative to display some of your favorite books. If you're not a book warm, try exploring different book titles or covers that appeal to you. In my home, I have lots of books sharing interesting facts, art history, and biographies. Some have been read, and some have not. Either way, they're there as a reminder of what brings me joy, and what I've yet to experience.

7. Add Some Tunes

Create a unique ambiance in your small home with music. Perhaps it's a laptop speaker, perhaps it's the depth of a well-produced vinyl. Either way, make your space your own by sharing aloud what makes you happy. Friends and family who visit will instantly feel welcomes by the beat and character in the air. 
There you have it - my 7 tips for adding charm to your apartment.
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