How to Really Know If You Are Getting 100% Bamboo Sheets

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Finding 100% bamboo sheets is harder than it seems. The vast majority of retailers within the bamboo sheets industry provide sheets to customers that are most often blends of bamboo with cotton or poly. While marketing their products as bamboo sheets, in reality, what is advertised is not always what the customer gets. This is especially true in a new industry like that of bamboo sheets. It is crucial for the customer searching for 100% bamboo sheets to verify with the retailer or through other sources that their sheets are being produced in the purest form possible and by the most professional organization available.

Why is finding a trustworthy source so important when it comes to finding 100% bamboo sheets? When purchasing something like bedding that you will spend half your life sleeping in, everyone wants to make sure they are getting what they pay for. 100% bamboo sheets should be sourced directly from the manufacturer to the customer. This way, a company can be sure that what they are delivering to the customer is of the highest quality and legitimate fabric. By following this rule of thumb and the others below, you as a customer can be confident that you are buying the highest quality, longest lasting, moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic, bamboo sheets available today.


100% bamboo sheets100% bamboo sheets


Here are some more tips to finding out whether you can trust your source for bamboo sheets:

Try to locate an explanation of the sheet’s content on the product description of the retailer’s website. If it is not there or is difficult to find, that is a sign the retailer might be trying to hide something from you.

Take a critical look at the brand they are presenting. Sometimes it is good to judge a book by it’s cover. Often, online companies who cut corners on brand presentation, website development, and cheap videos to boost SEO rankings, signal a company that is willing to cut corners on product quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Contact the company by phone. It may sound simple but by merely phoning the company can tell you a lot about the quality and professionalism of their organization. If you can’t find a phone number or get the run around through email request forms, again, someone may be trying to hide something.

Choose a retailer of bamboo sheets that specifically focuses on premium bamboo bed linens, not a purveyor of all thing bamboo i.e. socks, towels, underwear, shirts, cleaning products, gloves, etc. Get the picture? With the popularity of bamboo, companies are jumping on the bandwagon like wildfire and in the process spreading themselves too thin. In the end it’s the quality of the product and the customer who suffer the most.

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