How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Bedding

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Bedding

Posted by Anil S on

: You’re thinking about buying a beautiful set of bamboo bedding, but you’re worried about the upkeep, right? How do you take care of bamboo linens anyway? Do you need to be super careful not to snag it like you would with silk? Are you going to have to take it to the dry cleaners every time you want to clean it?

The answer is no! Bamboo is remarkably easy to care for. In fact, here are some quick and simple instructions on how to take care of your bamboo bedding.

Toss in the Wash

To clean most of your bamboo bedding (such as your sheets, blankets, and duvet covers), all you need to do is throw them into the washing machine with similar colored laundry and wash in cold water. Then, just toss them into the dryer on normal.

That’s it! There are no special instructions about washing separately or only on the gentle cycle or only with organic detergent. Obviously doing those things will help keep your sheets looking newer longer, but it’s not necessary since bamboo is surprisingly strong and durable. In fact, bamboo’s tensile strength is stronger than steel. As a result, you don’t need to be as careful with it as you would with silk.

There is one caveat though – For best results, don’t wash your bamboo bedding with bleach or fabric softer. The harsh chemicals in these products will break down the soft fibers of bamboo and negate many of the benefits of this organic bedding.

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Sun Curing

Cleaning your bamboo comforter is a little trickier. You could follow the same instructions above (machine wash cold, normal detergent, no fabric softer, and no bleach) and just make sure your machine is set to NO SPIN. You can even toss it into the dryer on normal if you want. However, the best method to clean any comforter is to sun cure it.

Sun curing sounds complicated but it’s quite simple. All you do is hang your comforter in direct sunlight for a few hours. The sun dries out any body oils or moisture your comforter has accumulated and ta-da! Your comforter is naturally freshened without being damaged.

This method is particularly effective for bamboo comforters because bamboo is unabsorbent. This means that any oil or moisture sits on the surface of the bedding rather than being pulled into the fluffy center, making it easier for moisture to evaporate.

As a matter of fact, bamboo is so efficient at evaporation that it wicks moisture away at twice the rate of cotton and reduces the moisture in your bed by 50%. As a result, your bamboo comforter stays fresher longer without you having to do a thing!

In summary, washing your bamboo bedding isn’t any more complicated than doing your other laundry. All you need to do is wash your sheets every week and air out your comforter every 4-6 months and your bed will look fresh and new!