Menopause Products Worth Buying

Posted by Cody Wirth on

More women in the world are experiencing symptoms of menopause than at any other time in history. According to Healthline, over 1.1 billion women in the world will be postmenopausal by 2025. Compare that to the 477 million postmenopausal women in 1998.

Part of the reason why so many more women are experiencing menopause symptoms is people are simply living longer than ever before. Another reason is more women are actually reporting their menopause symptoms.

In the past, menopause often went unreported, because it was misunderstood. In fact, many women believed that there was nothing they could do to alleviate their symptoms, which discouraged them from even mentioning it to their doctors.

However, as society has come to understand menopause better, more women know that they don’t have to suffer in silence. There are ways they can manage their menopause symptoms.

Yet, there is still a flurry of confusion surrounding ways to ease this transition. There are literally hundreds of products out there, claiming to provide relief, but which ones actually work? To help you sort through the chaos, here is a list of the top three menopause products worth buying.

  1. Bamboo Bedding

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, trying desperately to escape the oppressive heat bearing down on you? You are not alone. Almost 80% of women going through menopause experience these hot flashes.

While hot flashes are caused by hormonal fluctuations, there are ways you can reduce the severity and frequency of these nightly interruptions. The best and most effective way is to swap out your tired, worn bedding for bamboo bedding.

Bamboo bedding helps reduce hot flashes and night sweats, because the material is temperature regulating. Bamboo regulates your body temperature by wicking away excess heat and moisture. As a matter of fact, bamboo wicks away heat and moisture at twice the rate of cotton, reducing the humidity in your bed by 50%.

For those of you going through menopause, this means that when your hormones kick in and raise your body temperature, bamboo bedding compensates by venting off this extra heat and sweat. Since it keeps you cooler and drier, you won’t overheat when you sleep under bamboo bedding. If you don’t overheat, you’re less likely to wake from a hot flash, and you can finally sleep through the night.

If you want to learn more about bamboo bedding, read The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Bed Sheets.

  1. Cooling Scarves

Now that you’ve taken care of your nightly hot flashes, how do you deal with them during the day? Well, many women going through menopause love cooling scarves. These scarves are filled with gel beads that cool you down whenever you’re experiencing a hot flash.

So, how do cooling scarves work? First, you soak the scarf in water, allowing the gel beads to soak in the cool moisture. Then, you towel dry the outside of the scarf and put it on. Whenever you experience a hot flash, your body heat causes the water in the beads to evaporate. As the water evaporates, it pulls the excess heat away from your body, immediately cooling you down.

As you can see, cooling scarves are an effective and natural way to combat your hot flashes during the day. Moreover, they’re also stylish and subtle, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable without anyone else knowing what you’re doing.

  1. Silk Pillow Cases

The last item on our list of menopause products worth buying goes back to changing your sleeping environment. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to combatting your menopause symptoms, because if you’re tired and worn out, your hot flashes and fatigue will only become worse. So, what’s another way you can improve your sleeping environment?

The answer is to swap out your pillow case for one made of silk. Silk pillowcases offer you all of the benefits of bamboo, but with the added bonus of its notoriously smooth texture. When you sleep on a silk pillow case, all of the sweat from your face and head is wicked away. Consequently, your pillow stays cool all night long, just like it would with bamboo bedding. This makes buying silk pillow cases a great starting point if you’re not quite ready to invest in a bamboo bed set.

Silk also helps with symptoms other than hot flashes and fatigue. For example, silk’s smooth texture soothes dry skin commonly associated with menopause. Another common symptom of menopause is thinning hair. Silk helps reduce this hair loss because its smooth texture doesn’t pull or break your hair as you sleep. As a result, your hair stays stronger and healthier longer.

What other menopause products have you found helpful? Let us know in the comments below!