Now No More Bed Infestation: A Big Thanks To Organic Bedding

Posted by Cody Wirth on

Thankfully, bed and dust mites are too small to be visible to the naked eye. They could creep you out if you would be able to see them in real. However, one harsh truth here is that almost everyone’s bed gets infested with them at some point in life or the other.




This is why the life of your bed decreases when dust and bed mites hit its beautiful wood frame and thereafter your comforter. These mites are slowly inhaled by you or find a way into your body through your skin. When a mite bites, you can suffer from a lot of skin problems. There is in fact a whole list of health related problems that one can suffer because of bed infestations. Two of these include asthma and skin allergies.

How to Know If Your Bed is infested?

There will be a number of signs and signals that you will be able to notice. Because most bed bug bites are painless, people often don’t come to know that the bed has been infested unless they see one or all of the following:

  • Blood stains on bed sheets and pillows
  • Dark spots of bedbug excrement on sheets
  • Their fecal spots and/or egg shells

These are three common signs that you will be able to notice in case your bed has been attacked by microscopic mites. When a bug bites, it can cause skin rashes and other skin problems. Itching is a common thing that is caused by bed bugs. So, if you wake up with a bad itch, know that your bed has been infested.

How to Keep Your Bed Infestation Free

One of the best ways to keep your bed free from infestation of mites and bugs is to use bedding and comforters. Bamboo bedding and silk, which are absolutely , are averse to bed bug infestation. Apart from being anti-bedbugs, the sheet is also hypoallergenic in nature.

Another thing that you ought to do so as to prevent your bedding from bedbug infestation is to clean it regularly and keep spraying a good dose of bedbug resistant medication. There are some herbs that are available free of cost in the nature. Using these herbs can help you keep your bed and comforters free of any sort of infestation and your skin free of any sort of rash that might be caused due to bed bugs.