Survey Results: Cozy Earth Sheets Reviews

By Riley Seymour | Sep 5, 2023

Survey Results: Cozy Earth Sheets Reviews

By Riley Seymour | Sep 5, 2023

We hear the question all the time: Are Cozy Earth sheets worth it? And while we admit we're a little biased, we can tell you our bamboo sheets are the best you can find, and we offer a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty to back up that claim. But you don't have to take our word for it, check out what our satisfied customers have to say.

Cozy Earth Customer Survey Results

We recently surveyed Cozy Earth customers about their experience with our signature bamboo sheets. Answering questions about topics ranging from the quality of our sheets to how well they sleep, our customers shared their honest opinions of how our sheets compare to the competition.

We asked, "Have you been sleeping better when using Cozy Earth sheets?" 87.5% of customers surveyed said, "yes." 82% of respondents said that our sheets keep them from overheating at night, and 78% told us that other sheets feel stuffier after sleeping in ours.

These results don't surprise us. We designed our sheets with temperature-regulating, breathable bamboo viscose fabric that helps you stay cooler in warm and humid conditions without sacrificing warmth on cool nights. Not to mention, bamboo viscose sheets are naturally soft and easy to melt into.

We asked, "On a scale of 1-5, how has your quality of sleep improved?" with one representing no improvement and five being "the best sleep of my life." Nearly half of our respondents answered with a four or five!

87% of customers who have tried other bamboo sheets said that Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are better than the competition's, and most consider our sheets easy to care for.

Cozy Earth bedding

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Reviews

In addition to great feedback on our survey, we consistently receive five-star reviews for our sheets. Here are just a few examples from real people like you:

5 Stars

"The sheets I’ve been looking for!

I adore these sheets! So cool, so soft, so light, yet still have that just-right weight to them. They wash and dry beautifully with no pilling. If sheets could be made of whipped cream, these would be them. Buy them and enjoy!"

- Patricia B.

5 Stars

"I never want to get out of bed!

These sheets are by far the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on!! They are cool, breathable, and silky, but light. I highly recommend these sheets!!!

Especially with their money-back guarantee, if you don’t like them… you can’t lose!!"

- Heidi S.

5 Stars

"Buy the sheets!

I don’t know what took me so long to buy these sheets. The difference in my sleep was immediate. Worth every penny!"

- Anita W.



Take the word of satisfied customers and try Cozy Earth sheets for yourself. Believe us (and them!) — they are worth it!

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